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  1. Herein lays the dilemma of a wrestling gamer… I contacted PlayStation support about the issue I’m having with crashes in MyFaction… after a bit of back and forth, screenshots, and a video I sent them… They’ve said that at this time they have no way of fixing it, and I’ve tried all their other steps… so, they’ve offered me a full refund. Here is the problem with no competition, I could get a full refund of the NWO edition, but let’s face I’m then forced to go back to 2k19… a great game of course, but isn’t it bad that it’s 2k games or refunds.
  2. I think longevity is going to be the issue with this game isn’t it. i know they said it’s a reset but it really is quite bare bones. MyRise is good and a step forward, but once you’ve played through it, you don’t rush back to play it again. MyFaction has/had potential, but they can’t lock models in it, and they need to actually make it interesting and not just a ‘hit 125 grab attacks’ mode. Universe just hasn’t been touched, I know they added ‘superstar mode’ but that essentially just a player lock mode. It’s also lost the promo system which, wasn’t perfect but at least broke up the play match, next match, play match, next match… feeling. Universe really needs some proper additions. I will sort of give them an easier ride on MyGM as they were putting it back in, but I have to say, even for their first shot…. I thought that mode might have a little more to it. Showcase could have been great, but when it became apparent that most of Reys career would be skipped it seemed an odd choice. I’m still not sure why they haven’t either focused that mode on different eras, or at least pick someone like Taker, Triple H or whoever who will in all likelihood have more options for match choices. It’s actually crazy how much has been removed from edit modes, basic create an entrance being a stand out of course. The amount of moves and things we have had that have been taken out, plus the amount which are still using animations from SYM and HCTP (and not even the ones those games did best - hi rolling thunder!) The changes to the movesets and the combos etc I’ve got used to now as we have no choice, but 2k19 was far superior in terms of controls, and the way the gameplay worked. The graphics they nailed, it is a really good looking game, and I think the DLC offering overall has been really good (though it still nibbles at me that they took people out of the game, then made us buy them and didn’t really make updates to models). I just think more than anything what I can’t get away from is they took a year out to really work on this, and it’s still a crash fest. With every patch where they fix things they break numerous others. That’s the bit that I think really puts people off, two years and they still released a buggy, crashing game. I think they’re lucky they don’t really have any competition, we could really do with AEW and the Wrestling code being good but let’s face it they’re working on different budgets from different starting points. It’s a few months in, of course it’s better than 2k20 (how could it not be) but I just think longevity wise, what’s going to bring you back to this game and keep you playing it in six or nine months from now outside of it being your only option? i install the DLC, have a couple matches with the new people and then what….? What keeps you playing?
  3. Just checked and PPV’s do indeed seem to work again in universe..
  4. No mention on if they’ve fixed universe mode and we can have PPV’s between summer and Christmas again?
  5. There’s still a chance you could end up with both with a little bit of creation - if the hurricane doesn’t have paint on the face and has a removable mask. Will also depend if he’s long or short haired. Tbh I think it’s the right call to give us the hurricane, was always a more popular character in a wider sense than Helms as himself.
  6. I’m stuck in MyFaction… on the towers, doing the NXT takeover one and it crashes everytime I try to do match 4 of 5, I’ve followed various fixes including taking out the banzai pack. Doesn’t matter what I do, crashes! So frustrating that 2k have games that crash so much.
  7. It’s the simplest of changes to MyFaction that would benefit them and us… just make the MyFaction card unlock that person in all game modes. We get the characters, they get people playing MyFaction, and you get the choice whether you buy cards or play through unlocking them. Once you have the card in MyFaction there’s no benefit to 2k keeping those characters locked in that mode.
  8. Some good new hair tbf, can see them being handy for a fair few people not in game. They’ve also added the newer undertaker long hair shaved sides back in.
  9. Still just 1,3,4 and 5 looking at it now
  10. Apparently some new sig and finishers have been added?
  11. Thank you, turns out I had hit the logo limit, manually deleting as I type!
  12. What’s the deal with caws of Rick Rude? I’ve tried three different ones this morning, none of the images on the tights display, and the renders I’ve downloaded just don’t show up anywhere at all but it only seems to affect him?!
  13. Wrestlemania rewind cards have been released in MyFaction and with points I’ve managed to obtain Hogan, Reigns, Rollins and Lynch… now just have to hope 2k eventually do the obvious right thing and make them playable in all modes (if they have patched it so what the status can’t add them in).
  14. I like that they tried to put Yoko’s leg drop in and give it some weight, but the animation on the waddle wall to the ropes is hilarious even though I get what they were trying to capture.
  15. Souled out arena can now be used in universe if you have the dlc.
  16. The universe attire thing is such a frickin pain. However I’m impressed they actually appear to have tried a bit with this Patch, the NXT arena is a cool touch, and I love that they’ve actually made some updates to other superstars appearances. I haven’t played MyRise yet, what extra arenas does it provide us with if they are now selectable in universe?? Also, does anyone know if the dlc Souled out arena can now be used in universe? I’m not home till later.
  17. Do the running carry grapples still work? Eg picking your opponent up in the powerbomb position with Seth then using the run button to do the buckle bomb? Doesn’t seem to work for me…
  18. Sorry if it’s been asked and I missed it. Livs ObLIVion move against the ropes… can it not be set as a finisher? Or am I just being stupid and looking in the wrong place?
  19. Honestly who did these movesets? I’ve got Edge throwing super kicks at everyone in multi man matches
  20. I hope with the likes of Vader and Bulldog the fact we already had them means that they will take a proper look at their models and improve them, not just ‘touch up’ their 2k19 models. Overall I like the DLC offering though, random groupings and all.
  21. Just for the heads up, I created custom MITB suitcases for universe mode, I’ve just tried three times in a row to test it, and it appears that if you try to assign a MITB in the championship section it causes the game to crash.
  22. Have to say still getting a fair few crashes.
  23. You will also notice when selecting music etc that a lot of it is listed separately but is actually the same. Also the theme music to WCW nitro is set as Rey Mysterios current entrance music.
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