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  1. Is it not possible to do double title matches in universe still?
  2. Yeah I can totally see 2k killing it. In the meantime though, it really helps with minor tweaks but massive updates - I’ve now got Theory with his fuller beard and Priest with his - just adds to the feel of newness.
  3. Status and JoeMashups have both got in game models where they’ve added facial hair etc and they look absolutely brilliant - really is a game changer that find.
  4. Oh wow, just got a patch popped up for download
  5. Have to say, some of the showcase objectives are infuriating, im doing the taker/Cena match… it wants me to do a combo breaker… and Cena isn’t throwing any combos - he’s doing heavy strikes on turnbuckles and Irish whips So I can’t break his combo. Meaning I’m just sort of picking him up and letting him hit me in the hope that he goes for a combo, and he isn’t so now we’re just sort of in purgatory unable to move on
  6. What on Earth are some of these movesets about!
  7. Just the names you mentioned in that list alone would have me pre-ordering tbh. That’s before you even get to the other possibilities.
  8. Some stages removed, new stage props, unfortunately doesn’t look like there’s any changes outside of that - so no new rope, turnbuckle options, no different venue layouts etc.
  9. Smacktalks explains it all pretty well, also glad to see Santos Escobar has been improved from the nappy they had him in last year, looks much better now.
  10. Bruno is DLC isn’t he? So wouldn’t have anything listed until he is downloadable? Could be wrong.
  11. The skin and face texture in CAW looks much better, they’ve added some MyFaction stuff too, the DX gear and I noticed Farooqs nation hat. Looks like they’ve added some arm tattoos too. Shame we’ve lost a lot of masks - no Kalisto, Metalik etc
  12. Good to see height and weight class are now seperate.
  13. Like the look of that new rock bottom with pink and the running pounce.
  14. Yes! They’ve left the models of taker ‘98 and Eddie ‘97 in so we may still have some alts, there’s two versions of Shawn too.
  15. Any mention of retro models anywhere? Like is Eddie Guerrerro 97 etc in, or have they binned them for this one?
  16. I think those OVW models are just skins, not sure they will add anything in terms of moves - maybe, maybe, a new SSP for Brock but I’m doubtful. I think they will just use the moves already in the game. OVW didn’t have a Titantron or anything so I imagine the entrance videos will be generic, as will the music. The leviathan model is good, it’s a noticeable update for him, especially the head. Ortona too might be handy for a few different eras.. can’t help but feel the Brock model is just the same as his one from showcase but in the red trunks though? Either way, cool to have the option if you’re a fan of those guys.
  17. I reckon if either had changed they would have mentioned it as they know people have asked for years.
  18. Yeah that’s what I’m saying, I think if people’s expectations is more of this being a yearly update then if they liked 22 they will like this. If they want a major overhaul I think this won’t feel like much.
  19. I think people’s expectations need to be at the right level. That level of course is its a 2k game. They obviously haven’t made sweeping changes, and I don’t think any of the updates are that major except for the addition of wargames. If you like 2k22 then I think this works for you, as long as you realise it’s basically an update to the NXT roster, Cody, and WarGames. It’ll feel like a big DLC update basically. I think if you’re expecting a lot more than that you will be disappointed. I think if there were any major changes or updates to the creation suite we would have seen them, so I think Championship, Arena and so on will basically be the exact same items as the last however many years. Universe, again I think of it was a decent upgrade we would have seen it. I’m expecting a few options like “shake hands” or “show respect” but nothing outside of that. It’s just a shame that again it basically comes down to if you want to play a wrestling game with decent graphics it’s this…. Or hopefully we get some news from AEW soon. As I say though if you like 2k22 this is probably all you need for the time being, a roster update and wargames.
  20. Fair to say they’ve really struggled to show much new, you can see why they start the advertising so late. Wargames and a roster update… am I missing anything? Also, have I missed it or have they not shown these universe ‘updates’ yet? I know they said we can make some choices but I haven’t seen any footage of any of it?
  21. Would they not be better off going to a style similar to what AKI did? Have finishers based on ring position? So for instance Cena can have the AA and double AA as his standing finishers, if the opponent is laying on the mat, hit a finisher and it’s the STF. If the opponent is in the corner, he does the avalanche AA. It can be the same for Orton, finishers as RKO’s, avalanche RKO is his corner finisher, or stand in the corner with the opponent on the mat and the punt kick is the finisher. That way people like Waller, and even Seth can have multiple versions of their finishers which can be hit from various positions. I’m not saying go full no mercy spirit meter on us, but surely tying finishers to positions makes more use of the moves they’ve spent time creating, instead of us having to pick two options and basically leave out the others.
  22. I did nearly break many controllers having hit a Sweet chin music and needing to cover for a hard fought win, but Shawn is dancing across the ring to the opposite corner
  23. Yeah, and the rest of the time he does that awful generic slow jog to the ropes and back before hitting a decent looking axe kick… which would look better had you not endured the dodgy looking run before it. Theres a few where improvements have been made over the years, Kanes opponent not ending up on their front after the choke slam, I think the rko is better, and having little s attached to moves is good. I just think in general in shows move animations have gone backwards in a lot of cases.
  24. Appreciate I’m maybe banging a pointless drum, and I take the point about having less to work on means more time spent on fewer things. However watching this, and considering many of the moves shown have been in the game consistently for the twenty years since, I’m struggling to point out many occasions where 2k have improved the look of a twenty year old finisher animation. Quite a few have gone backwards (Bookers Axe kick).
  25. I agree with much of the point you’re making and it’s definitely a fair point, a larger roster could mean less time is spent on each wrestler. I think it’s also worth keeping in mind though HCTP is twenty years old. They’ve got infinitely better hardware, better use of disk space and just everything they need to put a bit more effort in to the details. It’s a fiat point you make about time being spent, but I also feel that considering we had some of this level of detail 20 years ago some of it could have easily been carried forward to today. It’s not massive stuff, I’m just suggesting that Kane shouldn’t stand in the same stance as Austin, and some moves and strikes could be more suited to look like the actual ones done by those superstars, especially when they could basically copy the animations from twenty years ago and they’re already spot on. I mean we still have moves in the game that haven’t been reanimated since yukes made them.
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