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  1. id have to look but i dont think shane was a legend in 07 as much as an unlockable character. even if he was a legend in that title, wasnt roddy piper a multiple legend. hes never won a heavyweight titile. as for hardy, herny(i assume you mean henry), shelton and umaga, you just listed current wrestlers who have no reason to be considered for legend statis. i'll take the late owen hart as a legend over x-pac, six-pac or any other tupac rip off anyday. winning the world title isnt a rule for being a legend in the game. it comes down to nostagial and the fondness of remembering a wrestler from the past. junk yard dog never won a title and he was a legend in the game. so was dusty rhode, hes a hall of famer who hasnt won a heavey weight title in either wwe or wcw. you have to think about the wrestler as a whole and how people remember him. when i think about x-pac, the only thing that comes to mind is him rubbing his balls in other wrestlers' faces with the bronco buster. legendary!
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