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    CM Punk, Becky Lynch, Carmella
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    Playstation 4
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    NJPW, Impact Wrestling , ROH
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    Chuck, Pysch , PLL,
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  1. Eric Young - Blond Hair Kaz 04 with the green trunks Kenny King (TNA)
  2. Motor_City_Mayham

    X division

    Has anyone seen any good former TNA wrestlers or current indi Wrestlers who are high flyers to add for the X division
  3. Anyone have a good name for Hideo Itami & Akira Towza
  4. I thought it was in last year
  5. WTH they totally messed up
  6. When setting up tag entrances can you do advanced ??
  7. Asuka is the leader of Absolution
  8. Wwe disagrees lol she was alright but she rose to the top because AJ lee left because her husband got fired
  9. Joe threw some TNA shit at him lol
  10. Lmao Regins gets pushed around by Elias and Jordan just to win barley so stupid
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