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  1. Honestly it's all good, no resentment of course. Just towards this damn game,wouldnt be shocked to find out its somehow.my specific copy lol. I was able to get him to work in a tournament setting! UPDATE: He is in fact there...at the very bottom on the selection screen, after the the z's
  2. I have tried both, then even made a copy of one to see if that would work. Just tried it for a third time. I have no idea what's going on lol. A link just to show, perhaps I'm missing something?
  3. So, no idea what's going on with my game. But when I downloaded Cody he doesn't show up in anything but the list of caws when I go into the edit menu. The wrestler selection screen, even the deletion utility it shows nothing
  4. Apologies for the picture quality. search tags are Johnny Gargano, Marvel, Takeover.
  5. Hahah apologies for the the wait! ps4 was out of commission for a little bit. What resolution did you use to upload Scotty's name logo for his pant leg? Did you do it all at once or did you upload the image in parts? They look great, btw mostly in parts, I was able to find some old logo textures from the last game they were included in. Not entirely sure of the resolution though to be honest, apologies!
  6. Hahah apologies for the the wait! ps4 was out of commission for a little bit.
  7. Some attires and wrestlers I've been working on. #themattwheels ----------------------------- Flip Gordon Villain Enterprises Attire (Gave an update to gazefcw's Flip Gordon. Attire to be uploaded) Flip Gordon (Flip Forever included with V.E. attire) iromu Takahashi (uploaded) Brian Kendrick Hooliganz Attire (uploaded) I reccomend downloading Ryeedee and Bhangra22mans Kendrick and importing the attire. Paul London (uploaded) Usos Fastlane 2019 (uploaded)
  8. Will you be trying Cedric Alexanders attire from the Greatest Royal Rumble?
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