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  1. Also gamevolts attires are awesome. Been waiting for a good mania HBK!
  2. Honestly it's all good, no resentment of course. Just towards this damn game,wouldnt be shocked to find out its somehow.my specific copy lol. I was able to get him to work in a tournament setting! UPDATE: He is in fact there...at the very bottom on the selection screen, after the the z's
  3. I have tried both, then even made a copy of one to see if that would work. Just tried it for a third time. I have no idea what's going on lol. A link just to show, perhaps I'm missing something?
  4. So, no idea what's going on with my game. But when I downloaded Cody he doesn't show up in anything but the list of caws when I go into the edit menu. The wrestler selection screen, even the deletion utility it shows nothing
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