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  1. Thank you! Believe it or not, some of them were written on the fly, as I've never saved them on a document before. My upload slots are currently full, but I'll free up Zero's slot for him in the meantime. Ace is up on the CC right now.
  2. You've got a whole roster of badasses on full display here. Excellent work! I love how Blake has such an incredibly diverse wardrobe.
  3. Love how outlandish your CAWs are! You do custom graphics very well, too.
  4. Yeah, I'll admit I ran into a creative block with Aldo since I pretty much couldn't think of any decent motives for him, though I wanted to post him as he's the top heel of my promotion. He'll definitely get redesigned at some point, don't worry. As Monarch98 pointed out, Calavera Jr. is pretty much a Skullomania doppelganger because I thought the idea of having a character like him in wrestling sounded fun. I've been thinking of giving him a more Day of the Dead-inspired attire for a while now. I didn't realize Moswen's logo was that identical to EVOLVE's. I thought it was pretty common to see centered text in front of the atom symbol on logos. Ah well. Thanks for the comments and feedback, everyone! Blaise Cabello, Calavera Jr., Velocitia, Jenna McEvans and Zero Izayama are now up on the CC under the hashtags MadManMammoth and APW.
  5. Hey there, everyone! I've been making CAWs since 2k16, although I never had the motivation to finish them and create a proper universe for them to be a part of until I got my hands on 2k19. So, without further ado, here is my big project that I've been working on! Founded by professional wrestler and entrepreneur Aldo Rosario, Apex Pro Wrestling is a promotion based in Albany, New York that gathers talent from all over the globe, ranging from world-class athletes to colorful personalities to up-and-coming stars to even supernatural entities. It has a weekly television program called Showdown which runs every Tuesday night. Aldo Rosario Zero Izayama Ace Brillante (CC hashtags: MadManMammoth, APW) Blaise Cabello (CC hashtags: MadManMammoth, APW) Calavera Jr. (CC hashtags: MadManMammoth, APW) Moswen Akane Hozuki Yukina Velocitia (CC hashtags: MadManMammoth, APW, Gear Shift Crew) Saffron Wei Melinda Vermillion Jenna McEvans (CC hashtags: MadManMammoth, APW) I'll put up my CAWs on the CC if anyone asks! I'll be sure to post more of my creations down the line, but for now, 12 CAWs is quite a lot to kick off a first-time ever showcase thread.
  6. I'm in awe at the amount of effort you've put into your CAWs and their backstories. Great work!
  7. Was taking screenshots for my upcoming CAW showcase when this happened. So, this is how it looks like when a double dropkick sequence goes wrong...
  8. Man, you've got some serious talent for making CAWs. I'd dare say that your creations look even better than a good majority of the in-game models!
  9. Hiroshi's attires are simply majestic, and I find the logo placement on Van Hazard's tights to be quite creative! Keep up the good work.
  10. Great stuff as always, Doc. Your women's roster is incredibly stacked.
  11. For me personally, I've been wanting to see a more psychotic, sadistic side of Dean who loves playing mind games with Seth. Instead, he was presented as a generic heel who was more focused on insulting the crowd, had awkward/confusing segments after another, and his match with Seth at TLC just did not feel like the bloodbath that it should have been. Granted, the feud did pick up some steam during their Falls Count Anywhere match, but it was already too late.
  12. My boy Deano drew the "cursed number" this year. To be honest, I kind of saw it coming with how underwhelming his heel run has been. Though, he did make Aleister look great with how he sold the Black Mass, and a feud between these two might spark my interest in him again as long as it does not go the way of Ambrose vs. Rollins.
  13. It's great to see Roman in good spirits! From what I've seen on Dean Ambrose's Chronicles, he seems like a really fun and likeable dude.
  14. I once had an AI attempt to climb the top rope from outside after getting eliminated. When they succeeded, they stayed there for a few minutes before vanishing altogether. It was really weird. I hate that whenever I play a tag team match, CPU or not, the reversals will stop working at a certain point. Really ruins the enjoyability of them.
  15. Dean Ambrose's favorite video game is Crash Bandicoot, according to his Hot Minute interview.
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