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  1. Ha. Yeah, it became the trademark of him. While I changed I other Tattos during the years this one stays. Been late, but usually I create legacy Slots from my History of my Leon Caw. I made an 2008 Slot but didnt show Pics, since I sold the game. So I can't tell you what other people are doing now.
  2. Legacy Slot '16 added. This time we go back to the past with a Legacy Version of the '16 Leon.
  3. Sure, enjoy it. At this point I mostly buy the games to create him for longterm users. Thanks Nice to hear, enjoy!
  4. Hello, It is this time again. I uploaded the Caw and Showcase Video the last days ago. Tags as shown in the Video: leonblackgrave, smacktalks, aew Always make sure to download the highest Version Number on the CC. Since the Server is bugged every yeae to me and i can't delete most stuff, cause it doesnt register in my Savefile. I have this issue since 2k16. - The First Slot is the usual appearance. Closeups: - The 2nd Slot was planned as a Manager and a direct reference to the Yakuza Series. His Moveset, as always, is relying on alot of kicks, suplexes and butterfly/doubleunderhook variations. About: Years have passed and Leon got rid of the Gimmick of Last years. The heavy Viking look is toned down and his moveset us back to agility, kicks, double underhook techniques and Highflying. This years Mainattire is a simplistic version of his usual gear with diffrent fabric. Leon became so busy over the years, that less down there is good for the aesthetic. The 2nd Attire is for anyone who might want an older Attire back. 2nd Slot is a Manager Slot based on Ryu Ga Gotoku Series. And because we live in a society with 4K Resolution, I figured I would make new textures and remaster most of what was important to me. The old tattoo sleeves looked quite ugly, but i never had the time sofar. Now was the time. ---' Legacy Slot '16 added. This time we go back to the past with a Legacy Version of the '16 Leon.
  5. The Legend Returned

  6. Not buying WWE 2k14 this Year, maybe on Feb 2014.

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