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  1. Generations i see you viewing my profile. is there something you want?

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      c'mon, dude. Don't be a party pooper

  2. Good grief generations what an annoying prick

  3. Mass Effect 1 Kill Council or Save Council So few people So Much time......
  4. why's that? lol the hardest one imo was Mega Man 1. the X collection was a bit more difficult to me cause i used game genie to beat X1 and there's no game genie now LOL and last i checked PAR and Gameshark didn't really have any cheats for the MMX Collection on PS2. but Mega Man was actually the 2nd game i got the year i got my NES (i got Mario/Duck Hunt/Track Meet with the pad and Mega Man 2 that year) lol
  5. Mega Man Legacy collection i swear the Shadow Man theme from Mega Man 3 when it gets to the vamp it sounds like "you gon' get a whippin you gon get a whippin you gon-a get a whippin get a whippin"
  6. except the whole part where disney steps in and is like "we'll make stuff canon only when it's convenient" other than that i liked the movie too People still complain about Disney taking over. What are we stuck in 2012? Disney have done a great job and they've hardly "stepped in". Sure they've reduced the canon, but they have also added a lot of canon since then. Several comics, books, movies, animated shows and hell, even the upcoming Battlefront 2 has a canonical story. People complain that the extended universe no longer being canon need to suck it up IMO. Disney haven't gotten rid of it all, you can still read all the books and you can enjoy it in its own "alternate universe" aspect. They didn't take it away from you, they've just picked and chosen what bits to include and what not to include. There were some really good Star Wars books, but there was also a lot of shit and Disney did right getting rid of it. They've already adapted the best parts about it. Han/Leia siblings, building on the Empire/First Order, creating new planets and species. They've even re-introduced Thrawn back into the fold with his own book. There is a lot to love. Disney have treated this property right so far and people should realise that she accept it. i'm not totally complaining it's just that i've noticed some of the stuff disney keeps stuff when it's convenient to them. i've seen this years ago. i've seen it happen with star trek as wel but idk. idk as much stuff as i used to cause i stopped reading up on the SW universe about 8 or 9 years ago (whenever episode 3 happened)
  7. except the whole part where disney steps in and is like "we'll make stuff canon only when it's convenient" other than that i liked the movie too
  8. same here. you know that part where you chase molly to the airport? everytime after she dies i just hop on that jet and high tail it out of there LOL i assume everyone does that though.
  9. Yoooooo...that. And whatever GTA made you do flight school. And the Trevor drug mission where you have to fly. Flying anything in GTA has always been pure shit imo. it was almost like second nature to me flying in gta v lol i never got that far in san andreas to go thru the flying missions but iknow the ones in IV were horrendous lol
  10. "Let's Herd some Cattle...." yeah that is what put me off RDR1 lol ... So.. you didn't get passed the first few missions then? sorry didn't see your post. i think i got to the part where you had to herd the cows/cattle with her father or whatnot (it's been a while) i couldn't get the hang of it so i couldn't get pass that part. i wish there was a skip option like they added to GTA V. die or fail 3 times and you can skip. i do that everytime i have to do that stupid "Did somebody say yoga" bullshit on GTA V LOL
  11. or sharefactory. both games utilize the same type of import engine. it imports from the flash drive and stores within the game/app save file
  12. i used wcw nitro the game, wcw vs the world world tour revenge and wcw thunder to create the storylines from wcw back in the day. if i can dea with the nitro and vs the world gameplay i can deal with this lol
  13. that's cool. yeah i can deal with the graphics. i still plaly WCW vs The World for god's sake lol
  14. outside of 2k16/2k17 been playing thru inFamous Second Son again. i really need to get that Fetch DLC
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