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  1. "Enjoyable" is kind of a loose term. I enjoy both beer and liquor, but for different reasons. Also, I think it's absurd when people sit down and take notes about alcohol, or rate it with serious intent. I use the untappd app to rate beers...but it's just for fun. I laugh when people are like "Hmmm, yes...slight oaky notes with a hint of orange peel and taint sweat". Also, I was watching that new show 'Beerland' and the host kept raving and raving about the hops. But it was to such a degree that I could tell she was just talking out her ass, because it was the only thing she kept saying. She was like "these hops...oh man, these hops...good job on finding these hops, man". People like that are ridiculous. Lmao. Things like hops and malts are important...but not to such a degree that they should be the only thing you comment on when you drink a beer. Well I mean I only drink beer now when I do end up drinking liquor I always regret it with the worse hangovers. I back when I was like 16 - 21 yeah liquor was what I preferred but over the last couple years my body straight rejects it. So I was only saying Beer is more enjoyable in the sense that I can fully be ok the next day lol. But again thats me. Wait...I can deal with Jack Daniels anytime but thats like completely it for me.
  2. Yeah, I could understand that. Couldn't get through Alien last time I tried for that reason. Outlast has enough going on to still keep me entertained. And as someone who could probably hold my own in a fight, I would be running as well given the situations that the game presents. Unless I had a gun... Meh. I still really enjoyed Alien in the end, not because im a huge fan of the series just because it felt fresh the second time around giving it a shot months later. Thats just me though. I haven't picked up RE7 uet because I spent so much time trying to complete the demo for the damn coin and then when it was closer to launch the game looked like it had no need for it and pissed me off.
  3. Boyyyy I cried laughing reading all the post till now. Y'all some savages!
  4. I wish I could fight back as well. But it's still ridiculously fun... Agreed.
  5. Oh is it any good? I was just on my way to watch angryjoe review
  6. Ghost Recon Wildlands & Shadows of Mordor. Wildlands is pretty good as long as your playing with friends or online, Single player just goes on and on but still highly playable and great story. Just a very long game so far. SOM because LOTR duh and also I'm hype about Shadow of war coming soon.
  7. Today its still Aleister Black "Root of all evil" but now also Bobby Roode "Glorious" was singing that at the top of my lungs!
  8. "Root Of All Evil". I had to download the damn song it's that good!
  9. All my kids are healthy (well besides my youngest daughter getting over her first ear infection). Moving into one of those luxury apartments soon. Work is great, same ol stuff. Plus most my classes are going great trying to balance everything at once.
  10. TIL that someone edited Bruan Strowman wiki and said after his "backstage assault" against Reigns he turned face who tf did this ish? And like this post it has been edited..nvm
  11. Strowman Joe Hardyz Bliss Neville Orton Owens
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