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  1. I found this very interesting (How do I post a video direct to here?)
  2. The love between taker and vince is amazing
  3. Btw....Is AJ gonna be a part timer from now on ?
  4. I'm sure if there was a crowd,Undertker/Style would have been a regular match,and im hoping next year we'll have a rematch because im sure taker/AJ will be great,you can say what you want but taker and styles both are great to tell a storytelling match
  5. SD is so shit right now..... Wyatt doesnt need the title but damn, not like that...
  6. AJ/HBK at mania? damn .....i just read that he might face taker at mania....
  7. Not gonna lie,im getting bored from AEW already :/
  8. im sure either reigns or braun will face fiend at wm....and im sure fiend will win thehe match
  9. That has to be one of the best booked rumble match ever..... just go back and watch the pop drew got because he eliminated lesnar,and to top that?he eliminated reigns at the end.....there was KO,Joe,Edge,Drew,Black,rollins in the same ring at the end. Drew left the rumble as the boss. btw ,is there any news on AJ?
  10. So basically here in Malta,we cannout have the network anymore due to contractual obligations with osn...
  11. Please I need help asap,cause I need to do a rumble event, but I cant subrscribe to the Network..... It wont let me,i lost my visa,so now its expired,and when i go to payment method,it just keeps on loading, this is happeningto my friends aswell..... is there somehow I cnt subrscribe ?
  12. da hell loool https://streamable.com/586wo
  13. So I lost my visa,so I had to get the new one,not obviously the network subsribe is over, I went to subscribe, and for some weird reason I can't press it,even when I go wwe.com/sony, first 2 stages everything fine,than the 3rd stage,payment method,keeps on loading...so basically i cant subscribe to the network, has this happened to any of you?
  14. Lol did you guys noticed the awkward moment of the first referee? (when lesnar went inside)... he was gonna give him a standing ovation and nobody did so he had an awkward moment lol
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