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  1. Smackdown was good,save the jey/roman for summerslam ... Riddle makes sense since it was the bloodline who took him out
  2. I hate this mentality because a guy never was a world champion he did nothing, cesaro had a great run in the WWE, became a US chamop and he had a long title reign, a solid solid tag team runs with kidd and sheamus in a time where the tag team division was packed,won the Andre the giant memorial BR ,he wrestled seth Rollins at Wrestlemania and won clean plus he had a feud and a solid match with roman for the title...Plus they always recognised him as one of the best there is for me that is a good run, unfortunatley he will never be world champ in wwe or aew,maybe he could have 1 title reign but it would of been short,because he lacks charisma,his mic skills are cringey . Tbh after the roman feiud I would of givin him an IC title run tho
  3. Man the brand split such a grea t idea in 2016, but why are they reverting back to no gm,white ropes,same sets,people compete on the other shows... i dont get it
  4. What ever happened to WalteR? wasnt he suppost tto leave nxt uk to go to nxt ?
  5. Adam Cole said that this was not true.
  6. Wrestling 24 27m · BREAKING NEWS: NXT UK TO BE CANCELED WWE had officially filed to dissolve WWE UK as of September 7th
  7. I can't believe what happened to NXT, it was the best brand for the last 6/7 years (till pre covid) ...
  8. It's a shame Smackdown isnt using the pre covid Set, that set was so lit yet it didn't last long.
  9. Nick Khan has been promoted to board of directors, Go and look what Black said about vince,it doesnt make sense at all even when you think sabout it,he literally just started a new feud after those vcignettes,they worked for a new theme song for him,new merch which went for sale after he was fired etc etc
  10. The way Black talked about Vince,something tells me he'll be back one day and it wasn't Vince's idea for the release,even Strowman release was a surprise to me since Vince loved strowman.... I believe N Khan is behind this...
  11. Some highlights from Tommy End doing a 1 hour live stream on Twitch >Isn't angry with his release, and is thankful for his 5 years in WWE >Looking forward to what's next for him, and seeing what his next character will do with the shackles off >Noted how Vince McMahon was constantly prasing him for his creative ideas for his character, and was always respectful. Says he and Vince had a good relationship >Felt they could never do the Aleister Black persona on Raw or Smackdown, as well as his time in NXT >Claimed Paul Heyman & Bruce Pritchard were always going to bat for him >Was originally supposed to take a break for 2 months, but turned into 7 months after creative had nothing for him. Mentions the last few years felt like a slow painful death >Was originally scheduled to win the United States Title last year, but Vince McMahon didn't want his first title win on main roster to be in front of no one so it was nixed >Is working on opening a wrestling school >The Dark Father version of Aleister Black already had new gear, and theme music set. Claimed this theme was his favorite that he's ever had in his entire career, and now no one will hear it >Wanted to feud against Bray Wyatt, felt they could have a really interesting program >Kept getting messages from WWE fans that genuinely thought he was part of the Illuminati >Praised his short time teaming up with Ricochet when they got the call up. Praised Roman Reigns as a lockeroom leader >Wants to face Andrade El Idolo again as soon as possible >Is happy to see Apollo Crews getting a push and momentum >Best moment in his WWE run was meeting his wife Zelina
  12. They were supposed to be with rollins,I think something happened cause of the corona
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