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  1. Fiend/Orton feud was fine. But yeah Raw sucked big time this week, they should fire the writers of raw,SD is doing wayyyyy better.
  2. Imo the build up of Orton/Wyatt was great,Idk know what you expected.Imo it wasn't corny,when taker and kane where doing that stuff we all liked it, the thing I hate is,the match itself...Wyatt shoul've of won,and the betreyal or the debut of sister abigail should of happened on RAw not WM...
  3. roman is gonna win this and edge will turn heel on db
  4. I think she turned int osister abigail and he became vulnerrable
  5. This is HUGE!!! Chris Jericho joins Stone Cold Steve Austin on the next Broken Skull Sessions, premiering Sunday, April 11 https://www.facebook.com/WWENetwork/posts/3926563180771526
  6. I've been enjoying SD since roman been champion. WM has the potential to be one of the best mania's ever
  7. AJ in a tag team match at WM is a stupid move imo....
  8. I'm sorry,that was crap. I pretend so much more from a Company that is trying to be legit competition wise with the WWE with 3/4 ppvs per year....
  9. Brock Lesnar has been removed from WWE Shop and from the rsoter. now im pretty sure it's Lesnar
  10. So he's a hall of fame worthy ,a big asset and it's not who we think he is. So big asset and hall of famers worthy are The Rock (He's not wrestling in AEW for sure) Cm Punk (he's not who we think he is,im sure he referred that line for punk) Brock Lesnar Christian Cage So yeah it''s between CC or Lesnar. Take a screenshot guys.
  11. Roman Reigns " Say my Name!!!" Edge " You're heisenberg" Roman "You're god damn right"
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