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  1. Roman Reigns " Say my Name!!!" Edge " You're heisenberg" Roman "You're god damn right"
  2. Man I enjoyed the ppv yest, it was fun.
  3. Man,randy is having Undertaker flashback's right now lol
  4. I tihnk somehow ths will end up Nakamura vs Roman at the rumble
  5. I swear,if atleast for once Zack will use his old theme I will mark outtt What a heel. I had the pleasure to watch live and his promos skills are amazing. Soon to be recognised as Liverpool's number one.
  6. He joined his friends in the Legend's House. RIP Pat
  7. Lol that was funny when fiend was behind randy
  8. Do you guys remember it was reported that Ali is the hacker? damn nice continuity i guess
  9. WWE NXT and 205 Live will make a permanent move away from Winter Park, Florida's Full Sail University starting with this week's TakeOver 31 show, reports John Pollock of POST Wrestling. The WWE Performance Center in Orlando will play host to all future broadcasts, rather than Full Sail's NXT Arena. This is a significant switch for NXT in particular. Full Sail has been the home location for WWE's black and gold brand for years now, with the building and its rabid, loyal fanbase a big part of the show's identity. Things are different at the moment, of course, with the global health crisis preventing said fans from attending, though the switch all but guarantees NXT will have a different feel once they return. Recent episodes of 205 Live had been going down in the Amway Center's ThunderDome. The cruiserweight brand moves to the PC next Friday. Dave Meltzer reported last year that there was talk of WWE pulling NXT out of Full Sail at some point in 2020, though January was originally pinpointed. The talk back then revolved around WWE booking buildings comparable in size to those used by AEW for Dynamite.
  10. They were supposed to be with rollins,I think something happened cause of the corona
  11. so no more burn it down,glorious and undisupted era's song cant be used in the main roster
  12. Some news on why WWE changed Keith Lees theme, and it's kinda not good on a larger spectrum. Fightful reports that reason for the change, as well as changes to other themes is due to WWE urging talent to change their themes if they were made by CFO$ as CFO$ no longer works with WWE and because WWE had signed a deal with CFO$ that would give them 50% of royalties from the themes they made. Keith Lee was one of the ones who signed off on that deal. ------ So this explains why people like Murphy and Rollins got new theme songs. This also maybe means we wont ever get Seth Rollins "The Second Coming" back. The report did make it seem like it was an optional choice. So if Undisputed Era gets called up and have a new theme, this is why. The new themes post Wrestlemania 35 are currently made by Def Rebel.
  13. Roman looks like a face ,bray and braun are the heels
  14. The love between taker and vince is amazing
  15. Not gonna lie,im getting bored from AEW already :/
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