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  1. Awesome when will be the upload
  2. CobraSW

    BIG333GUS - EPW

    Could you please reupload the towers of London and the Harvey boys
  3. CobraSW

    BIG333GUS - EPW

    Are the towers of London and the Harveys still available?
  4. The question was also for source? Thats why I asked
  5. Hey Im playing on PS4. Which (non wwe) teams and stables are must haves? Pleas tell me with hashtags for the download section Please only active ones, no legends
  6. Hey Guys, could you help me? I search for a good Facepicture
  7. I asked for Masa Kitamiy. Has nobody him on his roster
  8. hope it will... thank you
  9. Could anybody make me face templates for these faces? Need it for PS4
  10. Is there anybody how knows if this CAW is still online? If not could anybody reupload him?
  11. CobraSW

    Request Caws

    I havent the game till now, get it on Friday. Could anybody check for me if the following CAWs are still available? 1. Lio Rush 2. Masa Kitamiy 3. Rob Gronkowski 4. Jay Briscoe 5. Mark Briscoe 6. Tama Tonga 7. Tanga Loa 8. Velveteen Dream 9. Danny Trejo 10. Rey Mysterio jr. 11. Hanson 12. Rowe 13. Yo 14. Sho 15. Khalil Mack 16. Kenny Omega 17. Kazuchika Okada 18. Tim Wiese 19. CM Punk 20. Cody Thanks in advance
  12. Do you also have the creation of Masa Kitamiy?
  13. Get my game by the end of the week. Are all these created wrestlers are still downloadable? Looking for the NJPW guys like Masa Kitamiy please
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