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  1. I remember his feud with Noble which involved McCool. Remember The Dicks?
  2. That t-shirt is as bland as Strong. Seems like the type of t-shirt he'd wear.
  3. Moved up back to 14th place. *Censored*.
  4. I find it disturbing that we had the exact same predictions.
  5. 7/8 matches correct, damn count-out finish. Also the Ironman scoring let me down. *Censored* it, great show.
  6. Brock Braun Sheamus & Cesaro (2-1) Alexa Bliss The Miz Big Cass, because that's where the money is. Bray Wyatt (who am I kidding?) Neville
  7. Oh wow, I just posted that gem in the other thread. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who likes that song. There were so many silly gimmicks at that time, I miss them. Remember Cade & Murdoch?
  8. I loved the world's largest love machine. Even his theme song was catchy.
  9. I do. Remember when Benoit drank a cup of coffee quicker than his 25-second match against OJ?
  10. I liked it and I want it to happen again. Backlund is a gem too. His random appearance at the Red Carpet this year had me in stitches.
  11. He really should being using that as a regular finisher.
  12. TIL that Rock cut a promo back in the day where he sang his version of Great Balls of Fire.
  13. I had the same problem with those two as well as the women's MITB. It was a needless risk.
  14. The last season was awful. I liked 2011's despite it being a bit too...Hollywood. I loved Stone Cold, Trish, Booker and of course, Bill Demott being part of the crew.
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