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  1. I remember his feud with Noble which involved McCool. Remember The Dicks?
  2. That t-shirt is as bland as Strong. Seems like the type of t-shirt he'd wear.
  3. I was obsessed with that World X Cup match. I watched that repeatedly back then.
  4. Let 'em slay, Creep. Let 'em slay with 74lbs of makeup and glitter.
  5. I don't think there's one female friendship that doesn't make the majority of us cringe.
  6. Moved up back to 14th place. *Censored*.
  7. I find it disturbing that we had the exact same predictions.
  8. 7/8 matches correct, damn count-out finish. Also the Ironman scoring let me down. *Censored* it, great show.
  9. Brock Braun Sheamus & Cesaro (2-1) Alexa Bliss The Miz Big Cass, because that's where the money is. Bray Wyatt (who am I kidding?) Neville
  10. Eva and Jillian at least had charisma, a lot of charisma actually. They immediately got showered in boos when they popped up on screen. The crowd enjoyed booing them. Tamina doesn't really have that. The problem is no one gives a toss about Tamina, and I can't see how they can change that.
  11. Nothing wrong with that. Also the fact that Tamina would be "allowed" to interfere by Superkicking a man but couldn't get hit herself would be a clever way to draw heat.
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