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  1. Is it just me or does the rhodes gun smith sound like walton goggins from the hateful eight?
  2. Face photo placement is screwed up
  3. Anyone able to use the face photo feature? Its ruined
  4. Stage is cool,but needs more "dynamite" lol
  5. I think the aew ring and stage are bland and they need to rebrand to give it a better feel aesthetically, sure the wrestling is good but in my opinion the branding doesn't feel like dynamite...
  6. Safe,just crashes sometime. For me atleast.
  7. I agree the gameplay does feel better and the commentary is amazing at certain times.
  8. Yeah i was wondering about that, how'd they get their images on there? Anyone?
  9. Guys may I ask how the hell people are uploading custom images to cc?
  10. Just some caws I've been working on Dizzy Dogg Sinister Tiger Man Tokyo goul Noah Lee Wolf Douglas Burns Owen Logan Jack Gibson Ethan Taylor Damian Black Matsumoto Hannibal Styles The Young Thugs Mack Jackson Nate Jackson
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