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  1. Well, besides the Universe problems and whatnot, any info or videos about the dlc moves for this final pack?
  2. I wholeheartingly agree, considering that this is the last pack, they gotta at least go all out with this one. Especially for RVD, a new Five Star Splashes, new proper Rolling Thunder. I wonder if LA Knight will get any new move from Eli Drake's moveset, like the reverse powerslam he does...I know some of his moves are already in the game, but now that LA Knight is set to make his debut, it makes sense to have even more of his moves he uses
  3. I actually have a question regarding these dlc packs, will the dlc packs also come with a small pack of DLC moves from other stars besides the ones corresponding to the DLC stars in the pack? Cause in the previous games, there was always a DLC moves pack, where we get a variety of dlc moves from various stars from other companies, or moves that current stars uses but didnt make into the game. I think that would be fair, honestly, a small pack of moves for each pack that goes with it. For example, for the Banzai pack, there should be dlc moves from big wrestlers like Bronson Reed in it.
  4. I seem to have come across a bug, it seems like I cant enter commuity creations at all, I click on downloads to go to selections, nothing happened, same for uploads, nothing, but imagw manager, I can enter just fine. Is anyone else having this issue?
  5. I hate the fact that I can't do tag tam finishers, does anyone else know how to do it, cause I can't seem to get it...
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