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  1. So it seems like that Apollo won't be turning heel just yet, instead they're focusing on Lashley with MVP, which is good cause this have been a long time coming for Lashley! He deserves to be in the main event scene, competing for the WWE championship!
  2. Wait a minute, so Adam Cole and the Undisputed Era are gonna go after Dexter Lumis? Oh no.......guys, it....it may be a possibility that since the Velveteen Dream didn't win the title due to the allegations, and they're going after Dexter, it may end up being Dexter that'll win the NXT championship from Cole at NXT Takeover In Your House. That'll be bullshit if that happens, cause Dexter haven't even been in NXT long enough to earn the championship. Dream however, was more than ready for the Championship, but due to what happened, he didn't get the title that he rightfully deserve and earned...
  3. He kinda reminds me of Neville when he lost his CW championship back then...
  4. Oh, I hope MVP manages Lashley, he would be so much better than Lana. Honestly, ever since Rusev left WWE, Lana have become kinda pointless to keep in the company. Hell, I bet the only reason why they kept Lana was because of Lashley, but now, as of late, Lashley have been dominating in his matches without the help of Lana, so that only make it clearer that Lana isn't needed anymore... I wouldn't be surprised if within the next few weeks, she get released...
  5. Andrade vs Theory vs Garza? Oh yes, plz make it happen, it would be match of the year cailber!
  6. Huh, could we be seeing a breakup already? Will Austin Theory compete for the US title against Andrade in the near future?
  7. Wait, Kairi is still here? I'm surprised, I thought that she had left the company isnce I didn't see her with Asuka for quite some time...
  8. You know, now I understand why Seth shook Drew's hand last night... I think, it may be a possibility that Seth might turn back into a face since he's about to be a father.
  9. What I don't understand is why, tho. I mean, why Otis? It would've made sense if it was Corbin, Daniel Bryan, AJ Styles, Rey Mysterio, even Black! But they chose Otis? Why?
  10. I just thought of something really awesome... Now I know that this PPV is taped, and we don't know the results yet, but hear me out: What if, should Daniel Bryan win the briefcase, he goes after the NXT Championship and win it? I mean, if Charlotte's Royal Rumble win granted her the right to compete for the NXT women championship, then surely, the same can be said for the MITB contract! Imagine it, Daniel Bryan would become the first NXT original to hold the NXT Championship! I mean, after all, he WAS in NXT years ago, the very first season of NXT. How fitting would it be if Daniel Bryan won the convened NXT championship, the one world title he never held, besides the WWE championship and the World Heavyweight Championship?
  11. Well, at least his heelish attitude haven't changed... I think that heel turn for Bálor was what he needed, now he's a new person, with a better gimmick than what he was before. Yeah, the heel turn was short lived, but now he can truly shine as being THIS kind of Bálor and not the smiling one...
  12. So hold on, what was the point of Morrison retaining the tag titles at WM if Miz was gonna lose it the next week after, which was tonight? It almost seems like a punishment for the Miz showing up sick at work...
  13. Oh, that's awesome, we ARE gonna get Flair vs Sharai for the NXT Women Championship! This will be a 5 star match for sure, with the Genius of the Sky vs the Queen!
  14. Wow, Seth really seems out of it, usually he would have that egoistical look to him, all smiles and whatnot, but no, this was just Seth Rollins absolutely *censored*ing pissed! I don't know if the KO and Rollins story is done for sure, but if Seth moves on, perhaps a feud with Alestier Black or maybe a new NXT Call-up would be interesting to see...
  15. I love Bray Wyatt so much, his whole Firefly gimmick is lit, absolutely *censored*ing lit, I love it!
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