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  1. Thanks for the positive feedback guys ------ I'm about 70 percent done with the moves, I did end up going back and tweaking the face and attire. Pink bit on the back is more accurate with the black outline and freed up an image slot to add the thigh tattoo. Here's an updated view: It's all taking a bit longer than expected cause I couldn't find a good pic of her tattoo so had to draw it by hand. Also just finished watching all her revpro matches and the new Konami match so going back to the moves and entrance to tweak and finish. Hoping to finish today if not tomorrow.
  2. 2/17 Jamie Hayter WIP, pretty sure I'm done with attire, got as close as I could in accuracy. Bit of a pain in the ass as far as attire goes, ran out of layers. Working on moveset currently...
  3. Oh, very nice Sumire gonna have to download after work.
  4. Finish 1 - Suplex City (usually how she wins) Finish 2 - Flip Pile-driver With a Spear and Gun Stun for Sig's.
  5. Thanks guys, updated first post, I just uploaded.
  7. RYEE this Ospreay is *censored*ing awesome. The attention to detail in the fact that you actually got the cupping on his back cracked me up. Love it. First match I had to play was Will against your Ricochet, they play so fun. Great job.
  8. Current purple Ospreay looked awesome. Looking forward to whenever you put him up.
  9. Thanks, I appreciate it! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ After a little break I've just uploaded, up and coming, Millie McKenzie. This year's shaping up to be a real break out year for her. I'll update the first post properly later.
  10. Awesome job ANTI, already replaced mine with yours. Tested out a couple matches plays great too.
  11. Thanks for the updated moveset, your Io is awesome. Props on the highlight, great editing. PS looking forward to what you came up with on Hana.
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