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  1. That Kenny looks really freaking good. Might have to replace mine with this one when it's released.
  2. Ohhhh! I was only expecting Marty (maybe Brookes if we were lucky) but to have Tencozy? I didn't even know I wanted them but they look amazing.
  3. I was hoping one of you made AJ's attire from last night. I love the black and red. Great job.
  4. That Almas plays really well, just played a few matches with him and in true Almas fashion he (I) lost. It's so accurate. Jokes aside you did a great job, best Almas on cc imo.
  5. El idolo is unexpected but you did a fantastic job. You really got the face right.
  6. I was hoping you had not given up on that Mahal, the updates look great.
  7. That sleeve less Jeff has more logo's than the Jeff with long sleeves doesn't it? I got the 1000 logo reached limit message when I tried downloading it. I can get the one with long sleeves just fine though. My guess would be it's the tattoos.
  8. That Ember Moon is great, unfortunately I got the 1000 logo reached limit despite only having 906. Have deleted several caws and a stadium but still can't download. I give up.
  9. I used Rochefort a lot last year, I looked for her in CC a few weeks ago but nothing came up. Glad you not only made her but also updated her.
  10. You just keep knocking them outta the park. Great start to The Villian, I look forward to the finished version.
  11. YeezusChrist


    Your caws were always top notch don't know how anyone could complain about the quality. Your work and a couple of other creators (Defract, Crow, NickBreaker) here were pretty much the main reason I got the game. Your work will be missed and thanks for all the caws you made thus far.
  12. I thought the Ibushi I found was really good but yours is above and beyond. I'm gonna have to get it when you release it. Any plans for O'Reily?
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