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  1. Unfortunately I am going to have to stop creating for the forseeable future. Possibly for the year. I may work on something from time to time, but I wouldn't count on it. I cant talk about why, but it's making it difficult to do alot of things now. Thank you to everyone for supporting me as I've learned to create. I couldnt have done it without feedback.
  2. I think his jawline/cheeks is off. He probably clinched a lil in the pic. I used one of his black and white ones and just played with it. If i remember correctly, alot of the sliders are maxed so hopefully it wont be such a pain. That template just seemed to be my fav
  3. I think his jawline/cheeks is off. He probably clinched a lil in the pic. I used one of his black and white ones and just played with it. If i remember correctly, alot of the sliders are maxed so hopefully it wont be such a pain. That template just seemed to be my fav
  4. I've got one out. I haven't checked to see how anyone else's is looking though. I do know RyeeDee was planning one this year, & in my opinion, his texture is much more detailed than mine, so I'm sure it's going to be something badass to keep an eye out on. Here's mine. Tag: 1515 Good luck finding one you like!
  5. Lolol. Woops! I'm not used to looking at this on my phone. Sorry... :/
  6. I'll probably forget, that's what I'm good at, but thanks. I'm guessing he just made a new account as well? lol I hope you too are blessed with good health Beasto! Maybe today will be the day that you realize the internet shouldn't be an excuse to treat others like crap.
  7. It is Flip. I can see Teddy a lil now that you mention it. Better than the guy who thought it was devlin. Lolol.
  8. So remember when I said I wasn't going to jump into something too quickly... Well... I lied.
  9. I made him before, but idk where the images went. His gold champ logos might be on my old pc. I think i made the trunk design with ingame logos, and i was missing his back tat i believe. Someone had to help me too. If I can find them, I'll let you have them.
  10. I suppose you could make his stars from scratch, but I pulled one off of a pic, & set them individually. If the colors changed, I just changed the colors. I'm pretty sure I divided each section of his to different layers for that reason, but I'm not for sure. This is the photo I had used for the star, & nip I believe. Just kinda gotta keep looking for the best pics. It can suck. Also looking for ring-worn gear is a great idea! You can find a ton of cool images when gear is sold. EDIT: My pic didn't upload properly, so If anyone is wanting to use this, Right-click it & search Google for the image to get larger sizes at the same quality.
  11. It's okay. Now that I read it back, I look like an ahole, and I'm sorry to anyone who had to read it. Especially to Defract, RyeeDee, & Breaker. I was trying to poke fun at how it seems like fans of a creator are like a fan of a sports team, & it's almost cult-like. I did not mean to target them as they've never done anything to me. It just seemed like Myers was trying to my push buttons. If I'm wrong, I'm sorry. Maybe english isn't your 1st language, & I get that it might get yourself into situations. No worries. My instinct is to try to be nice to calm the conversation, yet push someone back so they know I'm not about to let anyone push me around. I don't think I accomplished that... On another note! My wife had to go help people out in Cali with the whole fire nonsense, & she's coming back earlier than planned, so I probably won't be jumping into another creation of my own so quickly, because everything's getting pretty busy. I'll most likely be working with Rockstar again soon though, & hopefully with another... They've been patient asking for help from the community, & I wanna at least see if they have something they'd like me to do.
  12. Idk about everyone else, but I'd only really use alot of that stuff myself if I was desperate. There are nice textures included, but alot of bad ones too. I prefer using photos. When you google for someone, say Brock Lesnar, then just google Brock Lesnar & leave out the face nonsense. When looking at the pics, click on tools. Google can filter the results for you to include faces, and even by resolution to give you even larger & more detailed options. If you find a nice pic that gets your attention, I'd just right-click, and search google for that specific image. This pulls up a new tab with that image coming in with different sizes from all across the web. Once you have some nice photos, you can open up Photoshop, or Gimp. You've probably noticed that everyone seems to have a template or background that they throw all of their faces on. I think it's a nice idea to use one to help keep features lined up, and where they're supposed to be. Now the work begins editing images, blending faces, and eventually feathering edges onto the canvas (template). I'm kinda typing alot here, so to save yourself some time, I would recommend checking out Defract's Youtube video explaining basic steps. He does also stream making creations from start to finish which is really awesome for newer guys taking an interest. To get an idea of when he's going online on Twitch, I'd suggest following him on Twitter. Plus you could see some sweet creation releases at the same time. TUTORIAL
  13. Ahh... A fanboy... I suppose it's a good thing that there's variety. I too believe some people have the ability to make someone that looks more like the person they're making, than the person they're making. More people like this newer version now, so I'll roll with it. If they like someone else's, then that's okay too, but after seeing his pics with my own eyes, I perceived differently. It looked like he keeps his head tilted downward which throws off the height of features. I compared to younger faces (he looked straight at cam) where the gaps were a little larger. Since someone's base face structure does not change, I put it together. Hope you can choose one you like out of the options though. Have a good one Myers!
  14. Both Pac & Neville have been re-uploaded after making changes. Thanks for being patient and understanding. You can search the same tag, 1515.
  15. This more your speed? Also please tell me why you don't like something so that I can improve. Also both slots are now offline.
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