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  1. Yea I agree about having it on before SDL, the crowd is dead afterwards a lot of the times and they only way they can get people to stay and watch is if they have a really great dark main event after 205 Live
  2. I agree completely about the talent and performances. Nevilles run as king of the cruiserweights was amazing for sure and its so disappointing that he has seemingly left the company. I guess what I meant by improved was that the way it is presented and the way the stars are presented is much better than the beginning.
  3. I know Triple H runs it now but still, the matches they have on 205 Live are far better than mostly anything that happens on raw or sd. Buddy Murphy in particular has had several great matches since hes joined the brand.
  4. Tainted


    No I mean the current most used superstars on nxt. After the Shake up all the in game NXT people went to raw/sdl in my Universe. So Im asking who are the current main people on NXT. I I know Black is the champ and Undisputed era but thats reallly about all I know of NXT. I dont know contenders or tags contenders or female competitors...right now on my NXT roster I just have 3 UK guys, undisputed Era and Gargano/Ciampa... Nikki cross is the only female on my NXT roster. I like for my game to be pretty up to date which is why Im asking. I know there are probably great caws of anyone id need. NVM GUYS. SEScoops just posted an updated roster list that I will use. Thanks this topic can be closed.
  5. Tainted


    EDIT: Nvm guys, thanks I got what I need. I dont really watch nxt a whole lot and Im bringing my caw through NXT to the main roster in Universe so Im hoping somebody can give me a good basic singles/womens/tag with just the main people. I tried looking at roster pages but since I dont know who anyone is, it kind of makes it hard. Thanks in advance for help and if not thanks for taking time to read.
  6. My cruiser jobber who is rated a 7 overall regularly defeats Braun Strowman. I guess thats more sad than it is anything else though.
  7. Arm bands look incredible. Are you happy you dont have to make Jeff this year? Are you planning other attires?
  8. Never thought Id say this but Id rather like to see CM Punk as a top guy on Smackdown. Cody Rhodes nuff said John Morrison Other choice was Rey Mysterio
  9. I know! The Knightmare destroyed my CAW the Nightmare and now in my game he is no longer the nightmare either. Thanks GMP.
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