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  1. OMG You are the best. Aleister Black is one of the best in NXT
  2. Thanks alot man and I cant wait for the stable to be created on my game And I cant wait for Sylvan Take care!
  3. Um this is not a insult GMaybee, but maybe you publish and create WWE All Stars 2
  4. How do I do that? I'm not an expert on forums
  5. How do I do that? I'm not an expert on forums
  6. GMaybee. Can you do former world tag Team champions. Rene Dupree and Sylvain Grenier: La Resistance Please
  7. Royal Rumble match should be included
  8. The colors of the formula doesn't match the picture You have a few errors in this formula
  9. Drago's face scares the hell out of me Seriously
  10. Can you create Sylvan Grenier please . He and Conway will look good together La Resistance! Bonsoir!
  11. Can you teach me please
  12. Thank you and always pray at night
  13. I love you like a brother and I really apologize for your pain
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