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  1. Crashes when you back out of edit championship. I’ve not messed around with this apart from changing some stuff around with titles I’ve downloaded.
  2. Not entirely sure its been mentioned, so Ive uploaded an Updated Moveset and then I realised my upload of Dusty Rhodes attires appears to be missing, so I reupload it and now find out I have two of him uploaded. Then my upload for Shinsuke disappears etc. However, you can still see them in the download section and grab them. Have fun with the two Dusty slots fellas. Theyre his his Royal Rumble 1991 and an attire he worn in 1986. Shinsukes is just his attires from the past games.
  3. Haven't seen anyone create this but would you consider creating Elias' NXT attires ? one from when he faced Rhyno on February 18th, 2015 the other from when he faced Baron Corbin on October 16th, 2014
  4. Any chances of creating Hawkins & Ryder's Attires both from WrestleMania 35 and from this weeks RAW?
  5. Brilliant as always! Putting in requests to re-upload Alex Price and Sean Trueth
  6. Kiddvirus53

    EWE vs NLP 2k19

    Awesome as always! Are you taking any requests to upload on CC? Also, do any of these have a second attire? I'm currently using The Country Boys and Devin Danger on 2K18 so wanted to use them for 2K19 this year to continue with what I've got planned for them in my own Universe mode. Back in 2K18, I have Justin Case and Kenny Lunchbox floating around in the tag title picture as of right now, and then Devin Danger is mainly used for any house shows / dark matches I do. Richie Goldman I did download who is set to debut on my Universe very soon. Also would like to give out requests to upload Sharkbite, Dirty Money, and Tiger Millionaire whenever you get the chance to do so.
  7. Thats weird, works fine on my end, and Gamevolts Ziggler attires work fine as well. Maybe its one of those random bugs not everyone experiences. Noticed this with Ziggler's attire from Gamevolt also. I switched his Entrance motion to Ziggler 2 which fixes it.
  8. Awesome as always. Anyone here have the bug where Ziggler is nowhere to be found during his Entrance while wearing an Alt. Attire?
  9. I really wished 2K could do more than just having 5 Superstars per DLC so here's my potential picks; NXT DLC Pack: - Tommaso Ciampa (seeing as he didn't make the cut and it's happened before with The Bellas on 2K14, he's gonna end up DLC) - EC3 - Trent Seven (gutted he didn't make the cut to be on-disc roster) - War Raiders - Candice LeRae - Ricochet - Aliyah (wouldn't mind seeing her make the game) Hall of Fame DLC: - Mark Henry (Shame he didn't make the cut as I use him in 2K18 for a rivalry I'm doing with a CaW which'll be carried over for this years' game, but it's understandable for why 2K will likely have him for DLC) - Jeff Jarrett - Hillbilly Jim - The Dudleys Women's Revolution DLC: - This would be cool if 2K did something like this - Bull Nakano - Luna Vachon - Michelle McCool - Molly Holly - Torrie Wilson
  10. I was wondering who created Keith Rex as I downloaded him the other day lol. I noticed about two logos were missing for his shirt and trunks for his first attire so I don't know if you'd be willing to fix them up. Anywho, great stuff man!
  11. Kiddvirus53

    EWE vs NLP

    I'm still lacking logo space but I'll be looking forward to downloading these when I get the chance to. Thanks for the brilliant work you put in these As of right now I'm still building a tag division and expanding a women's division. I'm planning to have The Country Boys and The Fist debut soon against some guys that were made by OZCAWS
  12. Kiddvirus53

    EWE vs NLP

    I have messaged him through twitter due to this site being ridiculously slow to upload The Madmen and The Country Boys with Alt. attires. Thanks again for putting them up (: Also, I am using Chrome for this site too and I have even tried viewing this through Safari, Microsoft Edge, and even through the PS4 browser with the same slow issue so anyone else having issues, you're not the only one. I'm gonna make a few more requests for Alt attires so do feel free @Wildcard to make them whenever you'd like. Still keep Dutch up for now cause I'm still lacking the logo space. Requests go for Ricky Velvet, Jeremiah Jordan, Sharkbite, and Dirty Money
  13. Kiddvirus53

    EWE vs NLP

    Quick question, is there any plans to make second attires for some of your caws?
  14. Kiddvirus53

    EWE vs NLP

    Dude, I'm really impressed with your work here. I would make some requests for you to upload to CC but I really can't decide.
  15. Absolutely wonderful J-man!! Any chance you can create Gran Metalik's attire from 205 Live 08/05/18 ?
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