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  1. This CAW of Emma was done as a 'what if' Emma decided to go and join the Bullet Club after her release, so I gave her the name Tenille Tayla again. enjoy
  2. Simon Poole

    Sim0n CAWS

    I've just done my first match but does feature a brand new CAW, Roxanne Black (just an Aleister Black rip off to be honest)
  3. Simon Poole

    Sim0n CAWS

    Instead of creating seperate posts about my CAWS on WWE 2K18, I'm just going to post them in here. I did post Donna Bytch on a seperate post but I repost it here Donna Bytch (which is uploaded tags: Wales, Diva, Superstar) My newest creation is Evelyn Dallas, a former Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader but after a few violent assaults she got fired but kept on outfit (sadly the outfit isn't 100% correct but the best I could do) hope you enjoy these CAWS
  4. No I did not use face texture for this CAW
  5. If that the one when I use a photo and place it over the face?
  6. Hello everyone, here is my new (well she been in the last two WWE 2K games) but this is one of my original CAWS Donna, just this game I added the surname, hope you enjoy. https://youtu.be/OomC-O8MlVk
  7. Just uploaded the Andre the Giant Memorial Championship title online Tags 1) Andre the Giant 2) WWE 3) Memorial hope you like and enjoy looking at this championship title
  8. Good evening, here 3 championship belts which I've uploaded onto the PS4 NXT United States Championship title ECW Intercontinental Championship WWE World Championship with nWo logos on it Hope you enjoy
  9. Hello, these are my CAWS from WWE 2K16, some are uploaded onto community creations, most of them are not but hope you enjoy them ARN WATTS GLORIA BOYD (ON COMMUNITY CREATIONS) MASON GRAVES CARDIFF SOUTH SIDE MASSIVE (ALL THREE MEMBERS UPLOADED ONTO COMMUNITY CREATIONS) RAZOR LEE MATTHEW TODD DONNA (wrestler/manager) Hope you enjoy these, there will be more to come
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