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  1. Toni Storm / MYC / NXT is the one I use. Could even upload the moveset I made for her.
  2. Since I won't return for 2k18 here are all the used textures for my creations https://www.dropbox.com/sh/mwst6wnvv0bnxr9/AABXWQLGgDmlFLG9wu4gXDoWa?dl=0 Thanks for the support
  3. Just found this thread. Might be a pretty damn weird request, but I would really like an NXT Takeover: Vienna (Like the Toronto one, but Austrian themed) Include the Coat of Arms somewhere if possible
  4. It is up, no DLC. TAGS: KAIRI SANE / KAIRI HOJO / MAE YOUNG CLASSIC The Taunts aren't right as it seems unfortunately (I tried 3 times, but the Taunts do not seem to be uploaded) Here just in case: in this order; "/" marks a new Section Wake Up Taunts Wake Up 26 / Finger Point 1 / Wake Up 32 / Wake Up 22 / Bring It On 5 / Wake Up 33 Opponent Taunts At Ease 3, Celtic Bruiser, Super Hero 1, Randy Orton 1, Dude Love 2 / Asuka 1, Undefeated 3, Milan Miracle 2, Wake Up 2, Fujinami1 / Namaste (3x) / Wake Up 9, Finger Point 6 (2x) / Finger Point 8 (2x), Wake Up 10 / Bring It On 5, Arms Spread 8, Take a Bow 1 / Bring It On 6 (2x), Cool Calm & Collected 1 Crowd Taunts At Ease 3, Arms Raised 1, Trish Stratus 1, Asuka 3, Asuka 4 / Crowd Approval 25, Arms Raised 1 (2x) / Arm Pumping 3, Crowd Approval 19 (2x) / Arm Raised 4 (3x) / Gesture Towards Crowd 9, Paige 4, Take a Bow 1 / Crowd Salute 1, Neville 1, Raise Arm 3
  5. I post the TAGS here when it is up (during the weekend I am sure it is done).
  6. If you need a moveset for Kairi let me know. Currently working on one for myself.
  7. Yeah it basically is an Enzugiri to a kneeling opponent. no the Kinshasa looks like a Knee strike (evan though it's a shin kick) https://youtu.be/3nuK77QVDjE?t=1m33s
  8. I think the Shining Wizard is closer to the kick motion.
  9. Much easier than expected ^^ Not perfect but my best shot. TAGS CRUISERWEIGHT / 205LIVE / NEW
  10. I'm gonna enter my Carrermode CAW. Tags CAWS.WST / EWA Name: Alex Black Billed From: Vienna, Austria Weight: 221 lbs Nicknames: Il Aquila Finisher: Vienna Calling (Shooting Star Press) & Misery Compiler (Gory Special Flatliner) Age: 22 Representing Company: EWA (European Wrestling Association) Backstory: A young rising European star. Trained by EWA Champion Chris Raaber. Despite his age he already wrestled all over europe, getting his Nickname, which translates "The Eagle", during a tour in Italy. His style consists mostly of stiff kicks and High Flying manouvers with some grappling put in the mix. Due to his endurance and never quit attitude he earned a good reputation which he now wants to prove to a wider audience.
  11. Copy the screenshot onto an USB stick and load them onto Tinypic or similar sites. Then post the link with the img in brackets here.
  12. same card, higher resolution (would be at least a base)
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