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  1. Suzuki 2.0 update and moveset by lightabyssion Compared to old one Credit to nickbreakers hair texture from Alex Shelly and defracts stomach texture from omega
  2. Im today when I get hime
  3. Its not a problem. textures are raw textures the njpw app game, downloaded from wristlock.com. From there the textures are edited by me on paint.net. Cut, spliced, and noise added and glow. Face textures i use are mine. I wont take peoples textures, other than nipple textures lol thank you defract! I have used a lot of hair textures I believe from nickbreakers Shelly
  4. Im looking into it. I cant find what is the dlc. In the entrance and victory there is a blues square beside the things that are dlc. The moveset and creation suit doesnt have that
  5. I scratched it and downloaded ryees lol
  6. As soon as I can figure out his jacket and trunks. Using paint net and getting closer
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