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  1. Hello AmazingAries thank you for all of your excellent work on old school attires can I ask you for a request can you please make some old school Ric Flair attires and King Booker as well and thank you again
  2. There is a glitch with the Rock when you edit his attire for the 2000 and 2001 version and go to the game and do his finishing move the peoples elbow he doesn't remove his elbow pads or properly do the move all the way through 2k17 please fix this issue in the next update
  3. Can you upload your ppv arenas too please excellent work on the raw and smackdown arenas
  4. Can you please make some booker T attires too and thank you for doing old-school attires they all look amazing
  5. Hi Nero I can't find your bill goldberg can you upload him again and what is your hashtag name and thank you
  6. Hi Nero can you please upload your goldberg 02 please and thank you for doing attires for us all
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