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    Cheesy pop music =] (Favourite bands Panic at the Disco, Alphabeat & The Ting Tings)
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  1. They will be in. The makers of the game probably knew they were back before we did (I think it was Shad who posted that myspace blog telling us that they'd been back a while before they came back onto tv) and since WWE finalises the rosters, I'm 99.9% sure Cryme Tyme will make the game again this year.
  2. Not a 'crush' but i like Torrie and Jillian atm
  3. Ive always wondered why they found it too much of a problem just to add Moolah as a legend for years tbh. I think diva legends would be good, but there should be one only, maybe two max and they should be Moolah and Sherri Martel
  4. For some reason I don't like this, most of my favourite wrestlers are mid-low carders and divas, so if the whole roster was combined again, many of my favourites would be released or unused OT i liked it much better when most of the PPVs were single-branded...
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