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PenSwordAM 2.0

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    New Talent
  • Birthday 02/21/1986

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    I have to get know you first before giving that out.

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    Finn Balor and Sasha Banks
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    I like a little bit of everything. But rock n'roll is what I love most. I listen to a lot of a classic rock like Fleetwood Mac or Led Zeppelin. I like Japanese Rock like One Ok Rock. I also listen to a little bit of punk rock too like Bad Religion and The Misfits. Don't be shocked to see an excess of any of these in my creations.
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    A Creative Mind.
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    Japanese Food. It's what I enjoy cooking the most. I like other things too, but Asian cuisine is my obsession. If you were my friend, roommate (a cool one), or my husband you'll never order take out again, no lie.
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    It's a long list! Here's the abridged version! American Horror Story, Supernatural, Sons of Anarchy, a lot of superhero shows. I can't wait for Iron First to premiere by the way!
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    All beginnings must end. Let it be by my hand.
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    Boone, North Carolina
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    Pro-wrestling, Japanese culture, learning new languages, cooking, anime, video games, movies, listening to good music, comic books. I am vintage nerd and damn proud of it.
  1. How exactly are things going to go AFTER the Mae Young Classic? How is it going to be decided whether or not a lady gets a full time job with WWE? I ask because I remember sitting through the Cruiserweight Classic and not all of those guys from before are around. I know some of these ladies already signed on with WWE and have a spot on NXT like Lacey Evans and Kairi Sane, but what about the rest of them? Is the competition just going to be a "one and done" type of deal? They show us what they got in the tournament and afterwards drop off the face of the Earth?
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