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  1. My final Creations for the Xbox One have been uploaded details on the first page. I'll see you guys in WWE 2K18 until then stay tuned for some WWE 2K17 MODS on the PC,
  2. I most likely will when I do Sabin.. ALSO Haas & Benjamin Uploaded 2 CC. Hashtags in Video Description
  3. If I find the right reference pics for the attire to make the attire textures then yeah maybe I will.
  4. John Morrison, Paul London & Brian Kendrick, Justin Gabriel, Alex Riley, Chris Sabin, Daniels & Kazarian..... that's all I can think of without being in front of my computer.
  5. No haven't been able to yet, I've tried everyday since I finished them, still cant without deleting someone. As for KES I'm not sure yet, right now I'm only doing CAWS tht I have my textures for. My goal right now is 30 caws. After that we'll see. Just finishing up on Matt Sydal/Evan Bourne.
  6. Haas & Benjamin ADDED BUT not Uploaded due to CC Glitch, Please Be Patient!! Patch 1.03 for the X1 should be out soon
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