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  1. Imagine not being a wrestling fan and seeing that. " What significance do those dates have?" " Oh, they're the respective birthdates of the children of a guy that I don't know personally! "
  2. Haven't posted on here in a little while.
  3. Today marks 4 years on this site!

  4. Not a wrestler, but just saying, Classic 3 works absolutely perfect for Batman. The song sounds like it was ripped straight from a Batman movie, it fits that well.
  5. " I'm Sorry " by Joyner Lucas. Maybe not full on cry but definitely had wet eyes. Have you ever heard the story of Darth Plagueis?
  6. " A conservative is a man with two perfectly good legs, who has never learned how to walk."- FDR
  7. I was mainly wondering how more dangerous criminals ( serial killers, rapists, child molesters, etc. ) would be brought to justice. Would people in the community just lynch them or some shit?
  8. Just wondering, how would things operate without law enforcement? The police system in our country is beyond *censored*ed up but at the same time... we still need law and order enforced in some manner.
  9. Did he retire? I remember he left in 2016, and last I heard he hadn't wrestled since.
  10. "hAtErS gIvE mE pOwEr" Give me a *censored*ing break. RIP Hana Kimura. I didn't really know who she was, never seen any of her matches or anything.; but this is such a horrible and tragic situation. People on the internet bullying other people into committing suicide is just disgusting.
  11. CM Punk's first theme isn't that bad. A lot of people seem to hate it.
  12. KingKhan18

    WWE Drama

    And what kind of "work" breaks kayfabe? Does she even know what a work means?
  13. KingKhan18

    WWE Drama

    Didn't she quit UFC after losing like two fights?
  14. I wouldn't normally wish such a thing on another person, but... in Trump's case, he *censored*ing deserves it. For even suggesting that people should go out in public, sacrifice their health and safety for the sake of the *censored*ing economy, for downplaying this, costing thousands of lives, he *censored*ing deserves it. Goddamned scumbag.
  15. Unless he gets Corona, of course...
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