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  1. And CAWs with neon hair and attire that spam the shit out of spears and superkicks online.
  2. Conservatives are like: " If I was still alive, I would have voted for Trump."-MLK
  3. I've never watched The Mandolorian, but I keep hearing about that Gina Carano lady being a Trump-loving, transphobic idiot. Wouldn't mind if I heard she got fired, hateful/ bigoted people like that don't deserve to be in the spotlight.
  4. They really should maximize security on Inauguration Day. We've seen what those *censored*ing loonies are capable of, their devotion to Trump is rabid to say the least.
  5. Shazam was pretty good if you haven't watched that.
  6. What a *censored*ed up year. As if Shad Gaspard dying wasn't enough...
  7. I'm pretty surprised TNA does still exist. Once I heard that their attendance was so horrible that they actually had to pay people fill in the seats.
  8. All this because she knocked somebody's hat off?
  9. I agree, although it was so brief, he definitely made the most of of that scene. RIP, feels like we've lost a lot of people this year in general even disregarding Covid deaths.
  10. KingKhan18

    WWE Drama

    That scenario comes off like a Family Guy cutaway gag when I try to picture it.
  11. Sit down Donald, you fat mother*censored*er!
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