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  1. I was at a Smackdown house show a couple weeks ago, and some little kid yelled something like " WHERE"S YOUR MAGIC GENIE, JINDER!?"
  2. Me and my dad went to a Smackdown live event on Sunday, we had a great time. Watching Nakamura's entrance is just magical when you're seeing it in person, not to mention our seats were right near the entrance way. And of course we had 7 year olds screaming at the heels, it's pretty hilarious just how heated up they can get.
  3. She's way too green to be in a ladder match.
  4. I played a floor hockey game today, and almost got 2 hat tricks.
  5. If Adam Rose's bunny returned and beat Bray Wyatt for the WWE title, social media would lose their shit. I suppose you're all for that idea?
  6. She actually dropped the wwe from her Name in social media two months ago so it was rather that she let them go then the other way around. They knew she was tired of waiting after the ridicoulos second suspension had been done and they didn't knew what to do with her instead of letting her come back with her old gimmick that worked well. She has her clothing line and also put two movies under her belt in the meantime. As about she being a waste it depends on how you view it. She was actually signed for total divas ONLY (jojo too), then storylinewise brought both into the ring without any training (eva marie more than jojo that worked like two matches before she didn't wanted to compete anymore). Still after she trained with Brian last year she became decent and had a few decent to good matches down in NXT and in houseshows so the potential to grow as a in ring performer and get even better was there. It doesn't matter now though, she is already successful with her Business so is more wwes loss then hers. The only thing WWE lost is a talentless hoe who was taking up a perfectly good spot on the roster.
  7. The difference between good heat and bad heat is this: Good heat is when the crowd boos a certain heel wrestler for doing heelish things while still being entertained and invested in the storyline. For example, take when Bobby Heenan or Jimmy Hart were around. They would be annoying assholes throughout the match, being a distraction and annoyance to the face wrestler. However, the fans were invested in the match because of their heelish tactics. They continued watching in hopes that faces like Hogan would overcome the heels, and beat up the manager. That kind of stuff has the fans booing, yet still entirely invested in the product. Bad heat is when the fans boo because the heel at hand is very bad at their job. They don't boo Eva because she got them invested in the face. they booed her because she blows at everything. Godawful wrestler, her acting was on par with Tommy Wiseau, and she overall had nothing going for her. Saying Eva is the perfect heel is like saying The Goon or Gobbledy Gooker were perfect heels because no one liked them. Good heat is when you get wrapped up in a match and/or storyline because the heel is so skilled he/she has you basically in the palm or their hand. Bad heat is when the fans just want you to be fired, and they hate watching you. Pushing someone with bad " X- Pac" heat does nothing but damage to your product. It draws fans away from watching, because they don't want to see such a talentless wrestler be pushed. Imagine if a guy defended The Great Khali winning the WHC by saying " Oh,you just hate him due to his effective heel work!" Wouldn't you just want to slap the guy?
  8. Why? Just because I don't pour my heart out on social media/an Internet forum over someone's pet dying who I don't know? Gimme a break I couldn't give less of a shit. I'd say proclaiming your hatred of cats immediately after someone announces the death of theirs is pretty cold hearted. And if your puppy died and when you announce it on social media everyone says " I hate dogs " and " I don't care about that shit " would you not think they were assholes?
  9. The only women Summer Rae is better than are Dana and Alicia. Everyone else are far superior.
  10. I wonder if that guy was trying to be disturbing or he's just retarded.
  11. If Reigns wins, I'll have a stroke.
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