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  1. I guess not directly related to Trump... but people that dogwhistle and call those such as George Floyd " thugs" that deserved to be murdered are generally Trump supporters by default. I have yet to see any Biden voters use the bullshit " blacks are 13% of the population, yet are convicted of 50% of the crimes, therefore racial prejudice is acceptable!" rhetoric.

  2. There's a good chance he'll be dead by 2024, given his unhealthy habits, and there's no *censored*ing way the GOP nominates him again after the shitshow he performed between November and January. He's an embarrassment.

  3. 2 hours ago, Generations said:

    People keep suggesting replacement actresses for the role, but...I don't think that makes sense. On the one hand...it would be a huge "screw-you" to Gina, which I would find hilarious. On the other hand...it would be a disservice to whoever they hire, because they would never have a character truly of their own. One such name is Sonya Deville...which I think would be great if she had a role like that. But...as a replacement for Gina? Would just feel tainted. Maybe she comes in as Cara's sister and they do an angle where she's trying to find out what happened to her...which ultimately leads to her learning she died a horrible death on a planet far far away. Lol.

    I don't watch the show, but this would probably be a good way to kill her character off:



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