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  1. Stumbled across this review this morning on the web; here's part of it: Other features that will enhance the realism of the game include: 20-Minute Rollins-Ambrose Fistbump Deliberation Mode Recap Mode, in which the first hour of gameplay is replayed during the second Colonel Sanders vs. Chicken Ironman Match Enzo Promo Mode (full three hours) Balor-versus-Orton-versus-Undertaker Entrance Mode (full four hours) Here's the link for the full article: http://www.kayfabenews.com/ultra-realistic-wwe-2k18-forces-gamers-play-two-hours-want/
  2. No problem; here's a second video the same guy did on his impressions of gameplay etc; pretty straight-forward; doesn't pull punches.
  3. Two more things, more likely for 2K19 since 2K18 is likely close to done. 1- Change the Money in the Bank cash in to give the option at the end of the originally scheduled match; this would give you the chance, e.g. to have a PPV championship match where the challenger finally wins, only to have the MITB cash in occur after his win, with you having both matches. Also, they could program it so that the champ's health is exactly what it was at the end of his first match. 2- I noticed with some DLC moves in 2K16 that they recreated the sleeper where instead of a tap out, the victim actually went unconscious. In 2K17 they continued this, but some similar moves still have tap outs (like the rear naked choke and cobra clutch). Since Samoa Joe's version of the rear naked choke usually has his victims going out instead of tapping why not have that as the way the submission works. Also, a bit more difficult, but maybe have the "three arm drop" ref test incorporated into these types of moves, like having an old school version of the bearhug with instead of a tap out, the victim going out and the ref doing the arm drop check. Carrying it a bit further, and less likely since it would be a bit more complicated, have two versions, one a tap out, the other a knock out, with the version dependent upon the personality ratings: e.g., if the bold-cowardly trait is clearly tipped toward cowardly, the wrestler taps out, where as a bold or prideful wrestler is more likely to refuse to tap out, but instead gets the ko option.
  4. Re-uploaded David Starr; tags: David_Starr, cajunraz, czw Ace Perry is pretty generic; have not found refs for his forearm tats;
  5. You can get rid of the star bar during the matches, although at the end, the AI still generates the star rating for the match. Turn off control help indicator under match options. You'll be wrestling "blind" in the sense that this also turns off signature, finisher and pin prompts, but after playing the game a while, you get use to the way the matches are programed and can generally still manage to hit the moves. When I get a new version, I leave all the indicators on while I get used to the game; the first one that goes off is the reversal help indicator because for whatever reason, I'm better at reversals without their help. The status bars really don't seem to mean that much in single-player mode vs the AI, because the match will go the way it's programed. When everything is off you have a clean screen with only the pin and submission wheels showing up and for some strange reason, the pin release indicator. On another subject: Won't be for 2k18 since it is likely already pretty much designed, but it would be nice if each in-game superstar came with two attires set up like the CAW slots, attire one and two. They've done this with a few characters this year, like Brian Pillman and Finn Balor, but it would be great to have two attires in game for each. And carrying it further, another use for a VC exclusive use would be to have an alternative attire "store" where when you choose to use a slot for two alternative attires you can have the option of "purchase attire from VC store". That might help solve the arguments over which superstar attires to include when there are a lot of variations (like the argument over which Sean Michaels attires to have in the game. They already should have a ton of these alternative attires "in the bank" so it should be relatively easy for them to do. And you could even purchase the attires for created CAW's.
  6. I'd like to see consistency in weight classifications across in-game wrestlers and CAW's, plus rework the weight classification. Current: Cruiserweight: 130-205 lbs (proposed: 130-189) Lt Hwt: 206-240 lbs (proposed: 190-235) Hwt: 241-320 lbs (proposed: 236-299) SuperHwt: 321-640 (proposed: 300-550 - Andre the Giant is listed as 520 and Big Show at 450, so why go up to 640?) They are inconsistent now in that: AJ Styles, classified as Hwt, has an announced weight of 218 lbs (Light Hwt classification) Chad Gable, classified as Lt Hwt, has an announced weight of 200 lbs (Cruiserweight classification) Scott Dawson classified as Hwt, has an announced weight of 225 lbs (Lt Hwt classification) Finn Balor, classified as Lt Hwt, has an announced weight of 190 lbs (Cruiserweight classification) I'm sure there are more. Just be consistent across the board; I realize that the developers likely did the misclassifications so they could get certain characters higher attributes, but I'm sure there are other ways of doing it.
  7. OK, dug this old topic up rather than start a new one. On injuries, in my first post I mentioned that it would be a good idea to have animations for the various stages of injury. Later, when checking out all the cut scenes, much to my surprise, such animations are already in the game. Fine. After 3 Universes and multiple seasons, I finally progressed from minor injury to moderate, and then got the critical / major injury. this occurred in Universe mode in a rivalry. Trophy granted, but neither injury progression resulted in one of the animations running, in spite of it being a rivalry. Zack Ryder is out of commission and I have nothing but this stinking trophy to show for it; he sacrificed for nothing! What the &*^*% do you have to do to get the animations to run, other than go to create a video and make your own! I am p***ed at this game!
  8. I believe there was a YouTube video on this: If you have the AJ circular logo on a caw, go to edit and under tights, add logo. Choose the gray design that is semi-circular and adjust it to cover the original logo. Choose your material (e.g., metallic) and under color, take transparency to zero. The original logo should now have the metallic sheen. Not my original tip, I just saw it on YouTube and it works. It's not going to be as easy with irregularly shaped logos, but you can play around with other in-game logos that you can adjust transparency on to try to match the shape.
  9. Aside from the usual bugs and glitches in the game, recently I noticed that I can't get rid of the visual ring and pin counts, even when I make the change in match options. I've tried quitting and restarting the ap and the PS4 after making the change, and although noted as "Off" in selections, visual counts still there in both exhibition and Universe modes. edit - btw, in the past I have been able to switch back and forth with this game.
  10. All sounds good and I'm looking forward to the match editor options; hope they are very flexible (like allowing a submission or pinfall victory only in a cage match, no escape option). Also, I'm hoping that they get all the existing match types right and not just add new match types on top of currently buggy ones (HIAC, Iron Man, to name a couple). Hope the new storylines in Universe mode get coded correctly. (I know, I'm sounding a bit cynical, but look at the track record). I watched the Chris Denker review of the changes; he seemed pretty hyped about the new model system and mentioned specifically how Orton and Rollins looked much better in the new system. Hope they apply to all models.
  11. For some strange reason, I ran the credits to see who all was involved. It's amazing how many individuals listed in the credits for Yukes and 2K had titles like "Product tester" or "Quality Assurance". Really makes you wonder about the performance review procedure at these companies!
  12. I think this makes sense in that it is boiling down some of the things in the little things list thread as well as the bugs and glitches thread and concentrating on suggestions for improvement rather than hoping for new features, etc. Re: I'd like to start with what I think holds down the gameplay aspect of the games somewhat. Difficulty. Specifically, the current problem with the games is that the difficulty is almost completely reversal based. While reversals are an incredibly important part of wrestling, the degree of their importance can really drag the fun of the games down since, if you get lucky with reversals the games a breeze, and if the game decides to become a reversal god, it becomes an infuriating piece of trash. I agree that this is an area that needs some serious work. In addition to the overuse of reversals, on the opposite side are the segments where the AI controlled character either moves to the ring apron and punches in mid air, or just stands there doing nothing (very common in the backstage area). It creates segments of game play where nothing is happening, because the programming has put the character you control in a groggy state and it has become unresponsive, and the AI controlled character is doing nothing. Also related to the reversals are the "sucker" segments; e.g., when the AI character simply lies on the mat, not recovering because it has been programmed to wait for a move and reverse it. The problem is, that it doesn't take long playing the game to recognize this situation and you are stuck with the problem of do I stall out the gameplay action by not making a move, or make a move and get reversed by the AI. (I've gotten to the point where I just go a manual version of the Randy Orton stomp and finally after circling the AI character with stomps it finally stirs). These are all things that that could be corrected if they would take more time and effort in programming how the AI processes the various match types and situations. One area I'd like to see them rework is the rivalry area. Right now rivalries are basically scripted stories that proceed in the same manner; I've had situations with two promotions in one Universe where identical rivalries are running. Instead, along the lines your suggestion of not limiting stable size, simply create rivalry programming that runs concurrently with regular booking. As with the current systems, rivals could be assigned or created, but eliminate creating specific rivalries, and not limit the number of rivals. Track the match records of rivals and dial up the various cut scenes based on how many matches designated rivals have had against each other and the win-loss record, as well as other factors that could be included such as championship history, the faction/stable (s) that the wrestlers are part of, rivals who are also in rivalries with the other wrestler's allies, etc. To do this, it would be necessary to create statistics that track wrestlers' win-loss records, as well as the win-loss records against rivals. I really see no use in the current stats that track the number of times you use each ability and other such trash that no one pays attention to. The main concept though is to eliminate the strict, scripted rivalries and instead make them more fluid and flexible.
  13. Re: choice of camera angles - In general, I hope they do a better job of programming the camera angles and cuts. I am so tired of the pull-away overhead camera angle being used, especially in singles matches. I realize that programming the cameras isn't a piece of cake, but I wish they'd put more effort into it in 2K18. 2K/Yukes have the opportunity to give a near virtual reality feel to the game if they would make the effort. And for those who want the longer overhead shots, the key word is choice. We have the options now to turn camera cuts on and off, so please work on the camera angles. You notice that they don't use the pull away "cheap seats" view when they create screen shots and videos to promote the game release! And one old environmental grapple from the older games I'd like to see return to the game as an OMG move if necessary - the old pounding the head into the ring steps move. Very therapeutic to use after a frustrating day at work (and of course using the old camera angle too, no pull away shot! The suggestion on referee personality traits is great; maybe even add the option of a ref-wrestler feud that ends up in a match (requiring of course a playable ref). Or, having the option to use a wrestler as referee - think that was in an older version of the game once.
  14. It's fairly easy to do his "Strong" back logo. Download the carnivalee freakshow font; just Google it and you'll find some sites that offer a free download.
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