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  1. Hey guys, due to slot restrictions I have to keep swapping content I want uploaded. You guys gotta DL faster lol jk Sorry about that. He's back up. Tag is RELL7THIRTY
  2. VV Ive uploaded my Batista 2014 attire pack again. RELL7THIRTY is the tag Jojo, I uploaded the same attires I made last year on that caw on the actual game model. Thanks guys
  3. Thanks for the love, Brandon! VV, took him down since the hair dye doesnt fully cover his head. There are spots that stay dark, and it annoys me. Until they add the option to move the camera around to get all edges, I wont upload it.
  4. Hey Gold. Using the new texture wrap option, twice on each leg since the texture gets cut off around the thigh area. Just gotta line up both the top and bottom textures on each leg, which is a pain since you only get one shot at itreadjusting a logo after its been placed makes that logo disappear when uploaded. Unless thats been patched
  5. Dont know what you mean by fix? His attire have blank logos? Anyway I was bored and updated him. Hes now reUploaded. Tag is Bobby Lashley, RELL7THIRTY https://twitter.com/rell7thirty/status/952936904411971584 Thanks about the Ultimate Warrior comment, T. So weird we cant change face paint on a character, especially considering the face paints are available for selection. I might do more attires for him
  6. Gonna have to delete some caws with their respective logos if I want to download Ricochet. Nothing in this game bugs me more than that stupid god damned logo limit. This game is no longer available on shitty outdated consoles (except the switch), yet we're limited to a supposed 1,000 logos (I get the warning no where near 1,000) when our systems are obviously capable of allotting more than 1GB/1,000 total images (images for caws, arenas, belts, etc. all added together lol) .. Anyway, Rye, keep up the outstanding work. That Ricochet is perfection.
  7. I for one wouldnt mind early releases. Ill definitely download the updated attire ones afterwards. If the caw model is ready, release it with the attires you already made. Then hit us with an updated version after WK. Deleting a caw to upload a new one sucks, trust me. Ive deleted ones with thousands of downloads to put a new one out. At the end of the day, 2K needs to increase their upload limit. Upload the new CAWs once the morph is complete. Most of us dont care about new attires that bad. If Cody dyes his hair blonde, big deal, we can change the color ourselves. Youre known for making and releasing these top notch projects so quickly. Dont make us wait if the CAWs are ready, just for an updated attire that might or might not look different. Upload when the caw is ready. We dont care if the attire is updated as long as its uploaded again. I rather download these versions since I already have the attire logos and dont really want to delete more logos like I did last night. A whole hour deleting logos smh I dont see what the big deal is to delete and replace a caw when youre already ranked diamond? Download counter is irrelevant at that point. Releasing content is what matters. If you replace a caw with a different face, people will be happy. But if the old caw is still up, and people are still downloading it while you are previewing the new one, THAT doesnt make sense. People are downloading something outdated when something updated could be made available. Just in case anyone wants to make assumptions, Im not rushing Rye. But if the caw is ready, I dont care about an updated look. Ill dL that when its released. Give us an early taste for Christmas lol
  8. Love the update bud. Texture blends better. I think this is a keeper once youre finished morphing. Upload ASAP lol. Oh and you can put his ROH ring on him. In lower arm section, theres a hand tape and you choose the big ring on his hand section. That way we can make people kiss the ring (in our heads) ^^^ Its 20 max. Yeah my sub account isnt popular. People have a hard time finding them since they dont search, they just favorite their creators and expect to find their new content there. I uploaded 20 a month ago, now up to 10 on my second account. Almost Gold on it and Diamond on my first.
  9. Ozstar, 2K only gives us 20 upload slots when you reach diamond. In order to upload other stuff, I need to delete something. Ill upload him again later Queenie, shes up on my Alt account. Search tag is RELL7THIRTY Again, due to the stupid limit I had to upload her on a separate account.
  10. Or you can duplicate the Lynn caw, then edit whichever one, import one of the attires to slot 1 Ring, then import another for slot 2 Ring. Copy the attires you imported to the entrance slots. Choose a different entrance pose. Press OPTIONS on your ps control to save your changes. Now go back to the original one you copied, with the original pose Nick chose. Copy whichever ones you didn't import previously to either the entrance or ring slots, depending on which ones you haven't touched. Press OPTIONS again to save. Now you have all 4 of Nicks awesome attires, on 2 CAWs, the way he meant for you to use it. Love love love that Lynn bro. Like I've said countless times lol
  11. This is awesome of you. Ill have to find something that has the storage for those goodies though
  12. Collages of Superstars I've created and uploaded so far. Still have much more to come. Some are the same CAW with different looks. Search RELL7THIRTY on CC to find all my uploads whether they're CAWs, movesets, images, arenas or shows.. Haven't made any titles yet. Not to mention the dozens of top quality and rare RVD attires also uploaded. Full body pictures Head shots Credit to BernieLomax for the Shelton arm tattoo. Everything else that needs credit is already listed in their respective previewed posts. Thanks WNX, yeah I've gotten lots of compliments for my Drew caw. Glad you like it. Maybe you could even import the default attire for the actual jacket lol. Or change the material to default on mine, the textures look weird for some reason when you change the material.
  13. Holy shit My only takeaway is that his face appears to be a different skin tone than the rest of his body. Try to match it more. This is ridiculously good, as always bro
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