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  1. The Miz Jobber on NXT - will go up onto the main roster after jobbing for a while as the manager of Maryse & Mandy Rose. Enter the mixed match challenge at some point with his wife but will get eliminated early. Back to managing Maryse after that. Next - Sami Zayn
  2. If you watch & keep up to date with NXT and NXT UK you'd know 90% of that list. Hell, none of the current NXT UK champions are in the game.
  3. Gonna agree with you, should have seen this coming. Never pre-order with such little information, especially when the roster matters so much to you. I sort of see where you're coming from. I picked up the CE a few years back when it was NXT themed as they were showing promise in offering more of a complete current roster. Year after I didn't buy it until it was on sale for £15-20. Edit - this year I will also not be buying until a sale but that's largely due to the trash marketing, lack of NXT UK presence and all this hokey Originals crap.
  4. Looking for some sorta validation that what they want is the consensus... at a guess... I'll answer the question of what would convince me to buy when it's posed but it's a relatively dumb question.
  5. Why pre-order before you know what you're getting?
  6. Modern stars. Would take Fabian Aichner & Killer Kelly over Hulk Hogan & Chyna any day of the week There's a handful WWE alumni that I'd actually want and would use. Batista, Jericho, Punk, Raven and Jarrett just about rounds it out. More recently I'll miss Ambrose too but doubt he'd be considered a "legend"
  7. Exactly. Let me break it down: A full main roster should be expected We have pretty much every major legend 2K can realistically get. The guys we'll most likely be missing are Jericho (AEW), Owen Hart (Martha), CM Punk (bad terms) and Chris Benoit (Obvious reasons) We aren't getting the scrubs at the Performance Centre, even games like Madden and FIFA, which are much bigger names with bigger budgets, don't go THAT deep with their rosters So who does that leave? If our NXT roster even looks close to what is spoilered below I don't see how anyone has any right to complain: If you want to keep adding after getting all those guys on-disc, then who does that leave for DLC? Names like Babatunde and Kavita Devi are not going to sell DLC packs. If you want to use the DLC to "keep adding" that only leaves the option to intentionally hold people back to create a false impression it does so. If the roster does in fact include everyone listed there and the bulk of the NXT UK talent as well then I'll hold my hands up and say fair play to 2K for getting it done the right way. But seeing as there's not been a roster reveal it's very hard to judge whether or not to get excited about said roster. Yet up until a couple of days ago we knew more about the DLC than the actual game itself. Surely you can understand why that might concern some people who are on the fence about purchasing the game or are just concerned that one of their favourites might not make the cut... After all, not even the full main roster is truly a lock until revealed. I don't know about Madden as I haven't played since '12 but FIFA kind of contradicts your point... It literally has the Saudi league included with fully licensed kits from said league. Who would realistically have expected that before it happened. Hell, England have 4 divisions in the game which is over 80 teams from just one countries' league system. That's pretty above and beyond what you'd expect from the average game. But as you say, much bigger budget.
  8. This. Torrie Wilson would be a "nice to have" and I'm happy for those that wanted Chyna in the game; at the same time this is the content that I want to hear about.
  9. Papa Shango Papa Shango will be as irrelevant in my game as he is right now. ... Couldn't resist. On a serious note he would go unused anyway. Mostly because my fondest memories of him are under The Godfather gimmick with his hoes so if I did have him come back for a one off match at a one off show it's unlikely I'd use the Papa Shango gimmick. Next - Otis Dozovic
  10. This marketing campaign has been trash. Right to the point that no matter what they announce I've already decided to go with other games during 2K20's launch period and even looking into the holiday season I've got several purchases in mind so WWE is likely early next year at best... but then there's TLOU 2, FF7 Remake and Cyberpunk all before the end of April... As for the Universe mode info... yawn... would be disappointing but it's about what was expected. There are positives, more matches per show is nice.
  11. Liv Morgan In a tag team with Alexa Bliss as 10ft of Fury. Planning on them winning the belts at 'mania so they will be the starting tag champs on 2K20. Think they'll probably stay as a team on Smackdown throughout 2k20 so that the new women going onto RAW will be able to flourish then when 21 comes around there will be fresh feud options. Next - The Revival
  12. Taynara Conti If she's in then she will likely be the person I use to take the NXT Women's Championship off Shayna Baszler in a bit of an upset. After the feud has run it's course and Baszler ends up on RAW I imagine Conti will drop the belt to someone like Mia Yim after a few successful defences. She'll also be used to represent South America in the WWE World Cup if I decide to run it again. Next - Shayna Baszler
  13. The 2K20 one is significantly better than the 2K16 one. To me it's not even close. Only thing the 2K16 one arguably has over 20 (and even here I prefer the new one) is the facial hair... and that's because there's a lot more of it now and hair is one thing they do seem to struggle with. EDIT - off topic but that reminds me, Baron Corbin without hair is gonna be so much better than Baron Corbin with too much hair xD
  14. Paige Now Paige is a tough one. One of my favourite female wrestlers; she's currently on RAW and does well but not the champion going into 2k20. SD would be pointless as it's a tag only scene in terms of championships for the women in my game and I'm not putting her on NXT. With the plethora of new women we might be getting it's hard to figure out what to do with her. I'm planning a Nexus style takeover from a few of the new women and with Paige's persona she might be the in-between person doing the "will they, won't they" schtick as to whether she joins the takeover or fights back and sides with the current women. Next - Kassius Ohno
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