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  1. If you watch & keep up to date with NXT and NXT UK you'd know 90% of that list. Hell, none of the current NXT UK champions are in the game.
  2. Gonna agree with you, should have seen this coming. Never pre-order with such little information, especially when the roster matters so much to you. I sort of see where you're coming from. I picked up the CE a few years back when it was NXT themed as they were showing promise in offering more of a complete current roster. Year after I didn't buy it until it was on sale for £15-20. Edit - this year I will also not be buying until a sale but that's largely due to the trash marketing, lack of NXT UK presence and all this hokey Originals crap.
  3. Looking for some sorta validation that what they want is the consensus... at a guess... I'll answer the question of what would convince me to buy when it's posed but it's a relatively dumb question.
  4. Why pre-order before you know what you're getting?
  5. Exactly. Let me break it down: A full main roster should be expected We have pretty much every major legend 2K can realistically get. The guys we'll most likely be missing are Jericho (AEW), Owen Hart (Martha), CM Punk (bad terms) and Chris Benoit (Obvious reasons) We aren't getting the scrubs at the Performance Centre, even games like Madden and FIFA, which are much bigger names with bigger budgets, don't go THAT deep with their rosters So who does that leave? If our NXT roster even looks close to what is spoilered below I don't see how anyone has any right to complain: If you want to keep adding after getting all those guys on-disc, then who does that leave for DLC? Names like Babatunde and Kavita Devi are not going to sell DLC packs. If you want to use the DLC to "keep adding" that only leaves the option to intentionally hold people back to create a false impression it does so. If the roster does in fact include everyone listed there and the bulk of the NXT UK talent as well then I'll hold my hands up and say fair play to 2K for getting it done the right way. But seeing as there's not been a roster reveal it's very hard to judge whether or not to get excited about said roster. Yet up until a couple of days ago we knew more about the DLC than the actual game itself. Surely you can understand why that might concern some people who are on the fence about purchasing the game or are just concerned that one of their favourites might not make the cut... After all, not even the full main roster is truly a lock until revealed. I don't know about Madden as I haven't played since '12 but FIFA kind of contradicts your point... It literally has the Saudi league included with fully licensed kits from said league. Who would realistically have expected that before it happened. Hell, England have 4 divisions in the game which is over 80 teams from just one countries' league system. That's pretty above and beyond what you'd expect from the average game. But as you say, much bigger budget.
  6. This. Torrie Wilson would be a "nice to have" and I'm happy for those that wanted Chyna in the game; at the same time this is the content that I want to hear about.
  7. This marketing campaign has been trash. Right to the point that no matter what they announce I've already decided to go with other games during 2K20's launch period and even looking into the holiday season I've got several purchases in mind so WWE is likely early next year at best... but then there's TLOU 2, FF7 Remake and Cyberpunk all before the end of April... As for the Universe mode info... yawn... would be disappointing but it's about what was expected. There are positives, more matches per show is nice.
  8. ^ Agreed. A small thing but yeah, I'd like my copy to show Nakamura as the multiple time WWE Champion that he is in my Universe as opposed to Brock Lesnar who retired 2 months into my 1st Universe mode about 5/6 years ago.
  9. I just wish they'd show the roster so that I know whether or not I'm buying at launch or waiting for a price drop some time into next year. So far nothing announced has been all that interesting to me with the genuine highlights being mixed tag and Buddy Murphy.
  10. Nothing set in stone yet as I haven't completed my current Universe mode. Waiting for the 2K20 roster to be announced as I made this mistake last year and had to hot-fix several feuds to get rid of Ciampa, Kendrick and Cross as all 3 had big matches over 'mania weekend last time out. However, if he's back Ciampa is gonna be going straight to the top of either RAW or Smackdown and if we're fortunate enough to get some of the girls from NXT UK, specifically Storm, Ripley, Kelly and Gabert then they'll be tearing apart my Women's divisions, Nexus style without the rubbish Cena wins bit. If we can get something similar to the Royal Albert Hall as well I'll 100% be using it for my King of the Ring tournament this year as well as in my alternate file with CAWs.
  11. This would be a nice little upgrade. Another couple of small features that would be cool; the ability to assign a CAW as an alternate attire for another CAW and the ability to customise what is said in those god awful promo segments in Universe mode. The sort of upgrades that'll make it a day one must have for me - full current roster, NXT UK people, Universe improvements, GM mode, advanced tag team entrances, intergender match types (mixed tag is a start) and finally sorting out the managers. On the subject on managers... Make them all playable... Not that big of a deal compared to any of this other stuff but still. A couple of new specialty match types (ambulance for example) would be nice too but not something I care too much about, especially after the Wyatt compound last time out.
  12. This and the comment about him overcoming leukaemia basically sum up why Roman would be on the cover. Seriously, PR wise... A woman in 2019 and a man who overcame a potentially terminal illness within the last 12 months... Then they're both top of their respective divisions... Despite Kofi being WWE Champ he's not exactly a top guy. From a marketing stand point it makes total sense to have Becky with Roman beside her. Plus I'd argue that Kofi is still so synonymous with The New Day, it would be a bit weird to put him on and leave those 2 out. Marketability is also a reason I'd argue that Becky isn't on by herself. I'm a fan of hers, she's good... But to appeal to that wider audience that WWE seems to have all but lost these past few years it makes sense to add your "top guy".
  13. ^ Don't give me hope for GM mode man, don't do it. XD Doubt it'll be in... I would pre-order 2K20 in a heartbeat though.
  14. Small thing, different people like different things. And the WWE games fanbase is rather diverse. I don't think that most of the people moaning about a female career were advocating for it in the 1st place. The amount of times I've stated that I want intergender matches is ridiculous, every time I mention it the idea is rebutted by people that either don't care or don't want it. If they announced it, I'd stop asking for it... But then people that don't like it would moan that it's being added over whatever it is that they want... Swings and roundabouts dude. This is the internet.
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