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    Y2J, AJ Styles / Becky Lynch
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  1. Nothing set in stone yet as I haven't completed my current Universe mode. Waiting for the 2K20 roster to be announced as I made this mistake last year and had to hot-fix several feuds to get rid of Ciampa, Kendrick and Cross as all 3 had big matches over 'mania weekend last time out. However, if he's back Ciampa is gonna be going straight to the top of either RAW or Smackdown and if we're fortunate enough to get some of the girls from NXT UK, specifically Storm, Ripley, Kelly and Gabert then they'll be tearing apart my Women's divisions, Nexus style without the rubbish Cena wins bit. If we can get something similar to the Royal Albert Hall as well I'll 100% be using it for my King of the Ring tournament this year as well as in my alternate file with CAWs.
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