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  1. Exactly. Let me break it down: A full main roster should be expected We have pretty much every major legend 2K can realistically get. The guys we'll most likely be missing are Jericho (AEW), Owen Hart (Martha), CM Punk (bad terms) and Chris Benoit (Obvious reasons) We aren't getting the scrubs at the Performance Centre, even games like Madden and FIFA, which are much bigger names with bigger budgets, don't go THAT deep with their rosters So who does that leave? If our NXT roster even looks close to what is spoilered below I don't see how anyone has any right to complain: If you want to keep adding after getting all those guys on-disc, then who does that leave for DLC? Names like Babatunde and Kavita Devi are not going to sell DLC packs. If you want to use the DLC to "keep adding" that only leaves the option to intentionally hold people back to create a false impression it does so. If the roster does in fact include everyone listed there and the bulk of the NXT UK talent as well then I'll hold my hands up and say fair play to 2K for getting it done the right way. But seeing as there's not been a roster reveal it's very hard to judge whether or not to get excited about said roster. Yet up until a couple of days ago we knew more about the DLC than the actual game itself. Surely you can understand why that might concern some people who are on the fence about purchasing the game or are just concerned that one of their favourites might not make the cut... After all, not even the full main roster is truly a lock until revealed. I don't know about Madden as I haven't played since '12 but FIFA kind of contradicts your point... It literally has the Saudi league included with fully licensed kits from said league. Who would realistically have expected that before it happened. Hell, England have 4 divisions in the game which is over 80 teams from just one countries' league system. That's pretty above and beyond what you'd expect from the average game. But as you say, much bigger budget.
  2. This. Torrie Wilson would be a "nice to have" and I'm happy for those that wanted Chyna in the game; at the same time this is the content that I want to hear about.
  3. ^ Agreed. A small thing but yeah, I'd like my copy to show Nakamura as the multiple time WWE Champion that he is in my Universe as opposed to Brock Lesnar who retired 2 months into my 1st Universe mode about 5/6 years ago.
  4. Nothing set in stone yet as I haven't completed my current Universe mode. Waiting for the 2K20 roster to be announced as I made this mistake last year and had to hot-fix several feuds to get rid of Ciampa, Kendrick and Cross as all 3 had big matches over 'mania weekend last time out. However, if he's back Ciampa is gonna be going straight to the top of either RAW or Smackdown and if we're fortunate enough to get some of the girls from NXT UK, specifically Storm, Ripley, Kelly and Gabert then they'll be tearing apart my Women's divisions, Nexus style without the rubbish Cena wins bit. If we can get something similar to the Royal Albert Hall as well I'll 100% be using it for my King of the Ring tournament this year as well as in my alternate file with CAWs.
  5. This would be a nice little upgrade. Another couple of small features that would be cool; the ability to assign a CAW as an alternate attire for another CAW and the ability to customise what is said in those god awful promo segments in Universe mode. The sort of upgrades that'll make it a day one must have for me - full current roster, NXT UK people, Universe improvements, GM mode, advanced tag team entrances, intergender match types (mixed tag is a start) and finally sorting out the managers. On the subject on managers... Make them all playable... Not that big of a deal compared to any of this other stuff but still. A couple of new specialty match types (ambulance for example) would be nice too but not something I care too much about, especially after the Wyatt compound last time out.
  6. 1) Intergender matches. I've said it before and I'll say it again, this single feature would convince me to preorder. 2) GM mode. I've literally been playing SVR '06 - '08 all week in between Days Gone and DBD on ps4 because of this mode. 3) Roster. As up to date as possible. Last year's was fantastic, with only 4 or 5 unexpected omissions, we're finally pretty much where we should be. Any Legends on top are a bonus (get Raven in there #nevergonnahappen) 4) My Career. Last year was a huge improvement. Keep going in that direction w/branching storylines to give some replayability (is that a word? XD) 5) More CAW slots. 100 would be enough for me but with created Attires for the in-game talent more would be really helpful. 6) Universe mode. So this to me is where the most potential lies in these games. Firstly I'd do away with having promo slots, match slots etc... And just have "segments". Have up to 20 of them per regular show (more for PPV) and you can choose what goes there be it a match, promo, cut-scene or interview. So if you wanted you could do 20 matches or you could create a show with just cutscenes. Adding more cutscenes and backstage interviews would really help with the modes immersion outside of actual matches and the promo feature needs work. Then give us the level of control we want in the mode. So if you wanted you could just let everything unfold organically and not change anything. But you could also just edit it so that a few extra promos or cutscenes were being used. Could be as specific as choosing the cutscene to be played in a cutscene segment or, if you wanted a little bit of a suprise you could select the type of cutscene but not know what exactly will happen. There's so many things you could do with universe mode. One idea I've had that I think would be great is if I could select any match and make it a rivalry match. Then the game would check who's in the match which would register different optional outcomes. For example, say I've got Kane and Balor in a rivalry and I choose to make a match between Tyler Breeze and AJ Styles. Now Styles and Balor are set to allies in this example so when setting this as a rivalry match it could then list some options. So 1) new rivalry between Breeze & Styles 2) existing rivalry Balor & Kane and so on if there were more rivalries that somehow intertwined with breeze & styles. You pick #1 and boom, something happens to create a rivalry between styles & breeze. You pick #2 and somehow the Balor vs Kane rivalry gets involved. Maybe Balor ends up accompanying Styles to the ring and Kane attacks Balor mid match. Maybe Kane comes down after the match to attack styles and Balor makes the save. After the match Balor comes out to cut a promo on the ramp and is blindsided by Kane before being chased off by Styles and/or Breeze. Maybe Kane attacks both Styles & Breeze before the match starts and Balor runs in and you can play the skirmish that becomes a tag match with an uneasy alliance of Kane & Breeze which could develop into its own feud. It's by far the mode with the most potential and really want them to capitalise on it. 7) Create a promo. Just be able to write promos for the promo feature (& download from CC) 8) Entrances - advanced Tag Team entrances please. It'd be nice to do the tag members individually as well. And no locking entrances away like the miz & maryse entrance. 9) custom music. Which I don't expect tbh. But in its absence I'd at least like some more generic music that I could use for CAWs and created shows. 10) NPC's - can we get the real life refs in the game? And let me pick which ref for my match. To expand a little I'd love to be able to choose which commentary team I had to have on as well. 11) Managers. Do anything to them at this point. Give them OMG spots. Add things like putting a foot on the ropes or after a heel managers interference the face manager might go and attack or scare off the heel manager dependant on the manager. Also, the models are in the game so make them playable as wrestlers... It is a video game after all. Think I'll stop here on what I want. Added a lot of things I want to see already and this is a long post. Apologies for any spelling & grammar errors, doing this on my phone. Edit - about the celebrity stuff a page or so ago. It's a game, I have no issue with them doing it but I don't think a celebrity would sell too many copies and I'm sure they'd charge a pretty penny for their likeness. Anecdotal but I just think to how many of my friends like Terminator (most) and then how many bought the game when he was a preorder bonus (hint 1 - and he didn't preorder the game to get Arnie anyway). As far as specific celebrities I'd use someone like Connor McGregor as I reckon there's a crossover of people who'd be influenced to purchase based on his presence. I can kinda understand mentioning Eminem because of how famous he is but I can't see people buying a wrestling game to play as a rapper. I straight up have no idea who Cardi B is so no idea if he/she is famous enough and would sell. Though admittedly I am a bit out of the loop with pop culture.
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