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  1. A showcase I did back in February. I've created a few more since then
  2. Great creations on this thread! I would love some feedback, opinions, constructive criticism on my creations. Here's a preview video I made showcasing many of my lucha libre fed, Evo Lucha.
  3. To download all my original content, use the hashtag #JC2KUNIVERSE This is a showcase of one of the brands within my universe, EVO LUCHA. I use a blend of original CAWs, in-game wrestlers, and some of my favorite CAWs on Community Creations. Big shoutout to Stipularlist868 for inspiring this video and for letting me use some of his CAWs in this video as well! Also, check out the video Stipularlist868 made of both our CAWs battling it out at my FMLL arena!
  4. What's up everyone? I see a lot of great creations this year and that's definitely exciting! So far these are all my creations this year, but there will be many more coming soon! Let me know what you guys think. Also, my hashtag is JC2KUNIVERSE JC2KUNIVERSE CAW Showcase 8 Man Elimination Astro Dinamico vs El Gran Halcon 6 Man Elimination
  5. Nah bro the name is fine. Its a play on the world wide web and is an internet based promotion so its fine. As far as the new content im waiting impatiently lolSpeaking of a collab. Why dont we do a 1 night only ppv pitting 6 from ACW vs 6 from WWW in a series of singles matches with the 6 winners facing off in a battle royal? If the winner is from your promotion ill give him a world title shot against any of my 3 brands champions. And vice versa if I win? It'll be a good way to cross promote. Dude I love that idea! Sounds awesome! HMU in my DM and we can brainstorm
  6. Dude I actually am rebranding.. I feel like World Wide Wrestling is too generic. But I have some new stuff coming!
  7. jcrl1988

    DPW is Hiring!!!

    Type in #JC2KUNIVERSE I have a few that you might like
  8. All of them bro lol. I downloaded Hannibal Styles and he's dope! Looks very realistic and has a dope moveset! Can't wait try the rest
  9. Thanks dude! I've just been putting in that work since the game came out. I remember you and I having a conversation about not many people showing love on here, but despite that, there are people who still appreciate our work even if they don't say anything. There were times when I got discouraged, but I always kept that goal of reaching the next status in my mind and just kept working towards getting there.
  10. jcrl1988

    EWE vs NLP

    Awesome job with the gimmicks!
  11. All World Wide Wrestling videos are on the first page
  12. What's up everyone? I'm really digging everyone's creations and have been using a lot of them in my federation, World Wide Wrestling. So far I've posted 3 videos and today I'm bringing you the 4th installment of Monday Night Melee! If you haven't already seen the product, I'm going to post all 4 videos below. The first 2 episodes revolve around the King of the Hill tournament and the 3rd and 4th episodes introduce you guys to the other divisions we have. So with that being said, enjoy the first 4 episodes of Monday Night Melee! EPISODE 1 and the match of the night EPISODE 2 and the match of the night EPISODE 3 EPISODE 4
  13. I appreciate that brother! I'm still trying to perfect my style, so we'll see what else comes up lol.
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