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  1. Something I threw together featuring my developmental system’s champion and his first month with the title! Enjoy! CAW update coming soon
  2. Hey man thanks! Appreciate it, I have a few up but mostly my older creations, when I update the thread I’ll also update the CC so keep a eye out in the next day or so
  3. Scotty Ortiz(shorts) / Keith White(tights) the Yung Bulls
  4. Spencer Stark CC Tags: Jiggy, Original
  6. Test post, will be updating with some creations soon
  7. This is CAW wrestling, this WWE 2K20 for the PlayStation 4, so this is the right section. Liberty Pro Wrestling: Ascension is a minor show featuring the two independent wrestling shows under the umbrella of Liberty Pro Wrestling. LPW: Global Siege and LPW: Homestead are the two brands that come together weekly to produce action on Ascension. The following video is such action that can only be brought to you by Liberty Pro Wrestling.
  8. On this weeks rendition of Liberty Pro Wrestling: We are coming off the heels of a monumental reboot, with things settling into a groove we continue this week with an action packed episode. Taking a trip from across the pond to Las Vegas, well be seeing if Sin City proves to be a haven of good luck, or will the competition crap out under pressure. Match #1 Still going strong and moving with a massive amount of momentum, our Worlds Women Champion Becca Barry, looks to take on Sami Michaels(CC) in a exhibition one on one match. Sami, our newly signed showstopper determined to make a statement against our champion the Afro Punk Legend herself Becca Barry. Match #2 After a heinous backstage attack by Adam Wolfes henchmen can Alexander King muster up the strength to take down the former World Champion and leader of the pack? Alexander a former champion in his own right is looking to regain steam, after returning from a injured separated shoulder just some weeks ago. Match #3 Featured in this bout are three of our up and coming stars the quote unquote future of the brand as well as a new signee. This is an over the top rope battle royal in which the winner of the match will be earning a chance for a shot at the LPW European Championship. The winner of this match will go on to next week to face the winner the other qualifying match later in the night. Ali Ahmed, Kenshi, Mark Hunter, and Spyve Blu all fight for a shot, who will earn it? PROMO Henry Hunter riding a wave of emotions after returning two weeks ago at the Extreme Rules pay per view, comes down to the ring to explain hes picking up right where he left off. Being that we was the inaugural and undefeated LPW Light Heavyweight Champion, is issues a challenge and calls out the current LPW World Heavyweight champion Justin Nero. MATCH #4 Our second and final qualifying match for a shot at the LPW European Championship gets under way as Jimi Lee takes on former European champion, Leo Matsuda. Matsuda being a three time European champion looks to put gold over his shoulder one more time. We saw Jimi Lee politicking earlier with Kazarian but no avail, we will just have to wonder what exactly he was trying to accomplish with that conversation. Jimi Lee, Leo Matsuda, the winner gets a match next week to determine the number one contender at Loki and his LPW European Championship. MAIN EVENT In the final match of the night we have the debut of a newly signed superstar Alexa Grace. The youngest daughter of wrestling of wrestling legend Jerome Jack, Alexa looks to rewrite history the only way she knows how. She will be taking on another newcomer Sarah Santos, member of the new and improved LAX. Last week we saw Melissa Diaz take the reigns as she expanded the faction with Antonio Vega by recruiting two new faces. Will the numbers prove to be too much for the rookie, or will she be able to rise to the occasion.
  9. Will be updated in next few days with pics and vids featuring some of my original caw creations and anything related to my original CAW Universe Mode. Most likely will also post just some random shots taken from entrances, matches, victory scenes etc. just something I’ve always loved to watch and wanted to do myself. some creations are already showcased on page, just scroll down to check em out! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated RAW Roster(Solo Competitors) Smackdown Roster(Solo Competitors) NXT Roster (Male Competitors) NXT Roster (Female Competitors) Tag Team Division MONEY IN THE BANK WINNERS(2020)
  10. On this weeks rendition of LPW REDEMPTION We are coming off the heels of a monumental reboot, with things settling into a groove we continue this week with an action packed episode. What will former Intercontinental Champion Angelo Smith have in store for the newly crowned champion Anthony Martin? Also, a Fatal Four Way to determine the number one contender for the Worlds Undisputed Championship Match #1 Atlantas own Bulldawg looks to gain some much news momentum against the red hot Antonio Vega. After successful run with the faction The League he was able to break away without major consequences and looks to start his singles run off in a major way. PROMO Angelo Smith calls out and confronts the new Intercontinental Champion after last weeks title heist at the hands of Anthony Martin and the Unit Club. Match #2 Chris Angel and his Coven look to take on the high-flying resilient Porter Parker, will be able to prevail or will the virtually three on one mismatch prove to be to much for the young Parker. PROMO As Hannibal Harris was on his was to his on his way to deliver his backstage promo on his upcoming Fatal Four-Way main event match, he was attacked by TJA we have acquired footage of the interaction. MAIN EVENT In the final match of the night we have a historic Fatal Four Way to determine the number one contender for John Diamonds World Undisputed Championship. *NOTE* after a incident with TJA, Hannibal Harris was rendered unable to compete and was replaced by a returning Leo Matsuda.
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