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  1. On this weeks rendition of LPW REDEMPTION We are coming off the heels of a monumental reboot, with things settling into a groove we continue this week with an action packed episode. What will former Intercontinental Champion Angelo Smith have in store for the newly crowned champion Anthony Martin? Also, a Fatal Four Way to determine the number one contender for the Worlds Undisputed Championship Match #1 Atlantas own Bulldawg looks to gain some much news momentum against the red hot Antonio Vega. After successful run with the faction The League he was able to break away without major consequences and looks to start his singles run off in a major way. PROMO Angelo Smith calls out and confronts the new Intercontinental Champion after last weeks title heist at the hands of Anthony Martin and the Unit Club. Match #2 Chris Angel and his Coven look to take on the high-flying resilient Porter Parker, will be able to prevail or will the virtually three on one mismatch prove to be to much for the young Parker. PROMO As Hannibal Harris was on his was to his on his way to deliver his backstage promo on his upcoming Fatal Four-Way main event match, he was attacked by TJA we have acquired footage of the interaction. MAIN EVENT In the final match of the night we have a historic Fatal Four Way to determine the number one contender for John Diamonds World Undisputed Championship. *NOTE* after a incident with TJA, Hannibal Harris was rendered unable to compete and was replaced by a returning Leo Matsuda.
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