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Shades of Cool

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    Too many to name
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    Lana Del Rey Beabadoobee Arctic Monkeys Billie Eilish Taylor Swift
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    PS2, PS3, PS4
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    Cloak & Dagger, Stranger Things, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Total Drama Island, Batman: The Animated Series, Gravity Falls, X-Men Evolution

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    In the night sky
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    Video Games, Marvel and DC (especially Batman, X-Men, Cloak & Dagger, and Spider-Man), Tomb Raider, Stranger Things
  1. I've got absolutely nothing against it. I just think something new would be refreshing.
  2. I don't know who you are...how would I know if you'd like the game? I like the game. If you want s stranger's opinion on the internet...then get it. Have you ever played one of the other 10+ Mortal Kombat games? Lol. Hahaha maybe you knew me as Smackdown Liv. Nope. I've never played a Mortal Kombat game before, though I do love the Injustice games. I'm not sure how to respond to this either. If you're into fighting games, then I'd say definitely get it. But If you're squeamish about over exaggerated gore then don't, I guess? I'm definitely into fighting games, so that's the plus. I'm not the hugest fan of gore per say, but I'm also not overly squeamish about it either.
  3. I'm really pumped for the Black Widow movie. It looks like it's gonna be great.
  4. I kinda feel like I should get MK11. I'm not super into all the guts kind of stuff or anything, but the game looks like a lot of fun. Any opinions would be great.
  5. Member of the Year: Jeb, Fight Me Worst Member of the Year: Best Post Of The Year: Worst Post Of The Year: Favourite Staff Member of the Year: Jeb, Motown Saint Newcomer of the Year: Who was even a new member this year? Worst Newcomer of the Year: ^ Comeback of the Year: Was there one? Topic of the Year: 46 Pages: Trying a little more Worst Topic of the Year: Any thread that ended up like a war zone Most Improved: Least Improved (So they're a worse member than they were a year ago): The years old caws forum layout GFX Maker of the Year: Ziggy Vercetti Nicest Member of the Year: liontamer*, Fight Me, Motown Saint, Jeb Most Aggressive Member of the Year: Creepia Best Debater: Generations Most Creative Member: Most Argumentative Member of the Year: Creepia Most Missed Member of the Year: Should be a Moderator: Fight Me Post Count Whore of the Year: Member that should post more: liontamer* Underrated Member of the Year: Willows Way, Lunchbox, E#37, Counting Lights, Bushy. Overrated Member of the Year: Funniest Member of the Year: Monkey D. Jiggy Try Hard of the Year: Ban Of The Year: Most likely to be the next banned: Swerve of the Year: Member With The Best Avatars (not making, wearing): E#37 Member With The Best Signatures (^): Jeb Best post of the year in a topic: Worst post of the year in a topic: WTF Post of the Year in a topic: Best Topic maker: Jmerc Worst Topic maker: Rivalry of the Year: Troll of the year: Mango Kid Sexiest Member: Most Unintentionally Hilarious Award: Best Username Of The Year: Ziggy Vercetti, Faster Than Light Worst Username of the Year: Rekka_No_Ryo Best Member Title: HIGHEST IN THE ROOM - Ziggy Vercetti Worst Member Title: Captain Fap - M3J Fanboy/girl of the Year: Needs to get laid award: CAW Maker of the Year: Real CAW of the Year: Original CAW of the Year: Other Creation of Year (moveset etc):
  6. I don't love metal much at all, but I do like Black Sabbath. Just responding to the question about metal bands on the last page.
  7. Yup. Although I do prefer coffee. I prefer Hot Cocoa Hot cocoa is so so good I don't really specifically drink one kind of tea. - Happy Thanksgiving you guys. I hope you all enjoy your time with your family and friends.
  8. Do you guys think it's worth it to buy the game now even with the sale?
  9. So, what do y'all think of the game? Just curious.
  10. Injustice 2 I just got the game a few days ago and I'm so addicted. I have no idea why I waited so long to buy it.
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