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  • Birthday 03/02/1984

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    Baron Corbin
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    Five Finger Death Punch
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    Ps4, Ps3
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    Native American/Irish
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    Raw, Nxt,
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    WWE RAW, NXT, PAIGE, Alexa Bliss, Baron Corbin, Seth Rollins, Bray Wyatt
  1. Controlling the run ins during universe mode. Custom music as someone mentioned an no John Cena. Sorry cena fans
  2. Wow Very nice work on those caws and Arenas
  3. Hello Cenastillsuks here and i just wanted to start another topic where we can all discuss Caws or Divas. Ive seen some very amazing Caws so far on Ps4. So drop a line to show off your pride. Include hashtags for downloads as well. Happy gaming
  4. I am starting a new Universe mode with some caws from Soultaker2008. Ive made some myself but my shows are: Mondays- Raw Is War, Tuesdays- Queen of the Ring, Wednesays-NXT, Fridays-Impact Wrestling This is my 1st Post.
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