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  1. There are a bunch of mini alliances going on in pro wrestling right now, such as the one between ROH, NJPW, CMLL & RevPro. Then you have the one between NOAH, AAA, GFW/Impact and the one between PROGRESS, wXw & the WWN (EVOLVE, FIP). There are others with working deals, but these are the 3 that standout to me What would be cool is if these 3 "mini alliances" joined up as the foundation for the NWA. Imagine having Okada, Banks, Walter, Penta OM, Cody Rhodes, Jay Lethal, Nakajima, Riddle ETC challenging/defending the domed globe belt. This is really far fetched,but would be great for pro wrestling fans.
  2. The new Tribe Called Quest album is pretty sick. It's no Midnight Marauders but it's still the best album I've heard in a minute. I'm a 90s hip hop head so I have an extreme bias towards that era in general, not to knock the modern stuff, just not my taste. Some is ok, I have to rep J.Cole since he's from Fayettenam, plus dude can spit. Now here is some things I can agree with y'all on. Ironman was a sick album, Cappacino's verse on Winterwarz is maybe top 10 I've ever heard..."my low cut fade stay bushy, like a porcupine, i part backs like a spine, gut you like a blunt and reconstruct your design.....we used to bump the hell out of that, liquid swordz. Cuban linx, and that bobby Bobby bobby digi digi digi..bobby digital. I saw the Wu in concert at the house of blues in Myrtle Beach right when ODB got out of prison, but he didn't play the show...heard he was a sight to see live but also heard his rhymes were garbage live. Ghost and Method were the best live of the group; Ghost came out with the big gold belt (the flair belt) and the fur coat, method came out with a big ol cloud of smoke pouring out his hoodie, and when they did Cherchez le ghost, they pulled 20-30 girls on stage and it turned into a strip club, good ol south cackalak. They were good live, but Cypress Hill and The Roots are the best live hip hop performances I've ever seen. Murs was pretty good live too...god's work was my jones for a minute. I know all the good, classic stuff, makes me feel old. I see a bunch of classic 90s albums listed above, but where's "lifestyles of da po and dangerous" and "stone crazy". Those two are definitely up there with all those albums, well at least the lyrics are on lifestyles, cuz big l waa said to have blown all the loot the record company gave him for beats on gear and just went out and spent pennies on beats for that album, but the lyrics...cuz big l be f'ing with more keys than a janitor.....that's a definite album to have. Sad bout his story, he could of been huge.
  3. Just downloaded road to Dontaku. Bout half thru, sooooo many tag matches, 6 man here and an 8 man there. Only tag matches that have gaged my interest on this card at all are shibata/kushida vs nigata/liger cuz i do want to see nigata and shibata in ring together and the chaos/ingobernables 8 man just cuz that feud is getting hot. Am intrigued how Tanahashi and Fale will work. And i have really high hopes for Omega and Elgin, that's tear the house down potential right there.
  4. Los Ingobernables de Japon seems appears to be becoming the "it" heel stable in NJPW. With bullet club seeming to be not even 1 group anymore. It definitely looks nothing like the OG bullet club with devit, anderson etc. Don't get me wrong i dig with what they are doing with omega and the elite but it appears bullet club is going the way of the nwo circa wolfpack/black & white era. Ingobernables Japan seems to be better in my opinion than their cmll counterpart as well. They got the IWGP and the ROH champs, two of the hottest wrestlers in the game right now as well. Throw in how Omega is lookin' and the addition of Osperay to the jr division plus the increased influx of roh talent and in my opinion NJPW is gonna bounce back quite well from the nakamura, styles, anderson, gallows loss. Sorry if this was too long or repetitive of someone else's post. Ain't even posted 5 times yet, new to the forum. Holla!!!
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