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  • Birthday April 29

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    Daniel Bryan
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    Neil Cicierega.
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    PS2, PS3, PS4.
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    Spaghetti and Meatballs
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    A Tiny Horse
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    Wrestling, mashups and just living how i want to.
  1. please excuse the lack of pictures. ATTIRES: Chris Hero 2014 (TAGS: KASSIUS OHNO, CHRIS HERO, RHLGULL): Camoflauge design with 'HERO' on the back + Fighting Spirit shirt & Black and White with Fighting Spirit on the back + same shirt as above Chris Hero 2016 (TAGS: KASSIUS OHNO, CHRIS HERO, RHLGULL): Black and Red 'Death of A Hero' design + Death By Elbow shirt & Red and Blue 'Big In U.S.A' attire + Elbow & Elbow & Elbow shirt (UPDATED MOVESETS FOR BOTH HERO SLOTS) Biff Busick (TAGS: ONEY LORCAN, BIFF BUSICK, BIFF RULES): Black and Yellow attire + 2 shirts Orange Cassidy (TAGS: ORANGE CASSIDY, AEW, RHLGULL): 1 attire, minimal logos, entrance and moveset.
  2. Ill start. I make mashups in my spare time. Heres one. https://youtu.be/gc_h-xyGaC4
  3. Nah, he deleted it. Too bad.
  4. Can someone please make an Evil Uno caw for PS4? I would try but I really suck at it. Thanks.
  5. 1. Create a Finisher mode. 2. More 2K Showcases. 3. Even MORE wrestlers to play as.
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