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  1. Like your Moose man good job. Only four more until Angelina haha
  2. Awesome Bea man and definitely second a Nixon Newell!
  3. Strike69


    Scrap my early suggestion. Chris Sabin early X Division and Christopher Daniels would be really cool.
  4. Strike69


    La Parka and Psychosis
  5. These are awesome man cant wait for Billie and Santana they're perfect! If ya can any interest in making Nixon Newell?
  6. Hey man would you have any interest in doing Paige's black attire with red and studs she wore in NXT or her Black attire with blue and bullets on the outfit for an alternate attire?
  7. Strike69


    Great job man theses look awesome! That okada is definitely best I've seen, makes me wish for a sweet Tanahasi too go with it haha
  8. TM61 looks great man any interest in doing reDRagon?
  9. Strike69


    All of these are awesome man! With the CWC guys are ya planning on doing Zack Sabre Jr?
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