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  1. Started up the game today, and it asked me to do the EULA and all that again, and all my CAWs and images are gone. XBox "manage this game" says it's version again (though in game it says 1.05) and all my stuff is just gone. Between that an all the other bugs, I've requested a refund. Tired of payin for broken games.
  2. You, uh... you realize you could ALWAYS do that, right? No one was ever forcing you to do anything different. This would be like getting excited that you could "finally" win by KO if they put Slobberknocker mode back in, like there wasn't always the option to have KO matches...
  3. The graphics really seem like the only upgrade. CAW mode is dumbed down; MyGM is a weak, incomplete effort to recreate GM Mode; Universe is mostly unchanged save for removing a few things; controls are change for the sake of change and them implementation is flawed. Feels like the first game on a new generation, with them just trying to figure out how to get the engine to run on new hardware... except they have been using it for 3 years and inherited a working model.
  4. -Nice graphics -Some good ideas that could really pay off some day -I like some of the DLC a lot
  5. -Dumbed down CAW mode with multiple features removed. -No new match types, or even minor variations or options in Custom Match (Elimination HIAC? Captain Fall Tornado Tag? Tag Team Elimination Match?) -New combo system makes it feel like a goofy early 90s arcade game; needs a speed tweak -Some of the replacements for the old OMG moves look FREAKING GOOFY... the barricade blows apart like a stack of couch cushions if someone falls next to it!! lol -Online, logo uploader, and Community Creations are a disaster, but that's probably just because it's not "out" yet... -Wild inconsistency in character models. Brock looks like something from The Wrestling Code while Hogan looks like a balloon wrapped in a 4k Skyrim skin. -I've had a few matches where I've been murdering the CPU just testing out something, and then gotten knocked out by a single strike 5 minutes into the match. Like, literally a single strike... a 79 overall midget reverses an irish whip into the corner and dropkicks me and I die, and that was the first offense the guy got in. -Some hit detection issues
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