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  1. The Man of 1000 Holds Dean Malenko is now UPLOADED on PS4. Hashtags are TOPDOGCAWS, (Name of Superstar),The Man of 1000 Holds My final caw of the year, thanks to everyone for all the suggestions and help. Hope I was able to make some kind of impact for your wwe game this year, see you guys next year
  2. Thank you man, glad youre enjoying it dude and definitely taking my time with Dean Malenko Chris Benoit Uploaded: Search Tags: TOPDOGCAWS, (Name of Superstar), FOUR HORSEMEN, CRIPPLER Thanks to all those that helped with the benoit
  3. Wow, really thank you for your feedback man, really appreciate this and Ill use all of these suggestions and work on it right now. Im glad youre grateful just how I am about the reference feedback, really thank you
  4. This is exactly what I been asking for!!!thank you man for the feedback, like really Ill see what I can do, what exactly on the face could use some tweaking though?
  5. Very early preview but I hope you guys like it so far and please, all suggestions are allowed. Critique anything, Im all for it. Just wanna get it perfect for you guys Dean Malenko Preview: http://oi64.tinypic.com/2sbonlj.jpg
  6. Theyre both done but I gotta fix the moveset up a bit and hell be uploaded pretty soon and then Ill start on Dean Malenko
  7. UPDATE: Chris Benoit WWF/WWE Version http://oi66.tinypic.com/s0zls1.jpg http://oi67.tinypic.com/6nti4p.jpg http://oi67.tinypic.com/2yxm0is.jpg http://oi67.tinypic.com/2ecekh1.jpg
  8. Thank you guys soo much and I was honestly thinking about maybe a Dean Malenko after Benoit. And Ill try that out in a little bit, thank you man
  9. Chris Benoit Updated Preview: WCW Slot http://oi66.tinypic.com/fa4swo.jpg http://oi63.tinypic.com/vec0t2.jpg http://oi68.tinypic.com/2dheddd.jpg http://oi67.tinypic.com/p6jwj.jpg Next slot is going to be from his WWF/WWE days I really do not like these links mananyone knows a good photo hosting site that lets you upload using a mobile phone?
  10. Nevermind, I liedand I lied about the Briscoes being my last cawnew preview is up and gosh I really hate the links
  11. Should I make a bald Jay Briscoe and long hair Mark Briscoe? Or is it not necessary? I mean its pretty simplebut just wondering if thats what you guys want.
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