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  1. Studying to become a counsellor. Did speak about it on here few months back but suddenly went ahead. Mind blowing, to have meaning in something for the first time ever. Not to mention, sorted so much past stuff out as you're absically counselling yourself /analysing etc as you go through..
  2. He should. I think he can get over in New Japan. Oh he will. He'll be a member of bullet club, by the time their match is over... Him, hangman, Cody, omega and young bucks as the main BC dudes. Oh my, gonna be amazing. Even in his match against ricochet, he now wears aj style tights.. I see as a nod.. Shame Cole going out that way though..
  3. yeah I agree. And same! Adam Cole is next out the BC and won't be a shock like they probably think it will be.
  4. Codys bound to be the new BC West leader soon. Him and Omega have some amazing villainous chemistry. Go so well, can see the club fully rivitalising. Coles gonna get the same treatment as AJ.. Just a matter of when.. oh 100%. In UK, ROH is big! See a lot of shirts. Especially Bullet Club, it's a "trendy" thing. Shoreditch (hipster central in London) BC shirts everywhere! Wrestling is cool again and Indy wrestling is "cooler". If you ain't down with ROH you're a NeRD to them.
  5. I've suddenly found meaning in my life/a career I want to do. Become a councillor for children with a bad upbringing/issues. Quite a nice feeling, never thought I'd have it. Money doesn't really drive me (as long as I have my ps4, tv, food, I'm a bit of an introvert). So I can't justify doing something I hate, just for a decent income and value my time as more than that..
  6. Other half got me and her tickets to the one night only event at 02 arena, sept 7th and the new Rollins shirt as a surprise. What a lass Only read this page. All *censored*ing amazing. Well done to all. Positive vibes, seriously. SevinYearItch, Aqfits and Vinsmoker, must be quality. Following your passion. I've only just realised (if I had my time again, I know cliche, would work within the wrestling industry or music. I'm actually obsessed with both). Even as a hobby. Especially since a kid I played football up until a few years ago. Now looking at my age, too late to do both. Listening to likes of Punk/Ambrose etc starting young. Would choose to become/have lives like them than Ronaldo/Messi 100x over. But yeah, amazing stuff. Don't let anyone/anything atop you making progress in your passions.
  7. Rollins or Wyatt to help Shane win and out HHH/Steph

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