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  1. Marty "right just pause for a goddamn minute!!!" Ps, I'm not the stooge.
  2. Token white guy. Joking aside, great pic. Exercuseeeee me!? Joke aside, thanks chap!
  3. I actually give up.. A third are trolls & there's another third that want to create an issue that wasn't there..
  4. You didn't joke.. No. Just no. Creating an issue, that wasn't there..? Plus, you're the only one that thought it? Just for the record Incase you try to manipulate that it was lol... My half bourbon half dark chocolate other half and my caramel cousins. We look gooood. You're that white middle class dude that's brought along with a guy with all friends of different cultures. One calls your white mate "a stupid white piece of bread" you laugh.. Your friend replies "shut it you pepperami" and everyone laughs.. Except you.. Who then goes "ewww racist" then goes for a fist bump.. Making everything awkward as not one thought like that, entered into any of their heads... Lol. Humours humour. As I said in the prior post. My thought process didn't think like that, because I don't judge someone based on their culture of even the colour of ones skin... Normally if that's the first thought in your head, and to make a point.. Either way.. It's weird. And just like the paragraph above the last one.. YOU made this whole thing WEIRD! Edited to update pic size*
  5. Firstly, Jeb initiated it. Secondly, don't create an issue that wasn't there, due to your own subconscious sensitivity, in judging and restricting humour based on race. Shame on you.
  6. woah wouldn't think same person! Great you can adapt though, especially today's society. Look like, you could be working corporate then go home, spark a blunt and watch Clarence until 4am! Rah you caramel folk setting the bar high indeed!
  7. shit you look serious, Im about to get a detention or be assassinated.
  8. Hadoukennnnnn! You support Oldham? He's a dirty United supporter unfortunately. I'd call him a sell out bastard, but he's northern and looks mean.. So I won't.. But I'll pretend I did to anyone who asks.. (Hold me back!).
  9. Impulsively got an haircut. Cut off the ponytail. Back to conformity.
  10. Studying to become a counsellor. Did speak about it on here few months back but suddenly went ahead. Mind blowing, to have meaning in something for the first time ever. Not to mention, sorted so much past stuff out as you're absically counselling yourself /analysing etc as you go through..
  11. Took me over a month to grow this luscious hair of face pubes, 36 takes and if I didn't pout, head is pear shape like. Don't hate. #takeaselfiefakealife watching random videos on YouTube, on a Saturday night contemplating getting the sock out. Hi.
  12. He should. I think he can get over in New Japan. Oh he will. He'll be a member of bullet club, by the time their match is over... Him, hangman, Cody, omega and young bucks as the main BC dudes. Oh my, gonna be amazing. Even in his match against ricochet, he now wears aj style tights.. I see as a nod.. Shame Cole going out that way though..
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