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  1. James storm is *censored*ing perfect. Gonna bring him to raw with roode.
  2. Amazing dude. Any chance you could do gallows/Andersons latest attire?
  3. jesus, howhas no one commented on this. Amazing
  4. Since update now all NEW moves dont have crowd reaction. First game in years everything was fine.. Their coding must be *censored*ed.
  5. Just released the patch on PS4.. next week dlc?
  6. Leaning on the ropes attacking with a knee has been reanimated (section of clothesline, cactus clothesline, dropoick, big boot etc to knock em over)
  7. Its a glitch. You have to put them together. Like undisputed automatically setting to separate. Also if you edit it, automatically makes separate now and have to re do whole thing
  8. added a few, still on bronze! Havent made no attires this year so lot slower. Thanks again man, genuinely!
  9. Ledge. Thank you! You and eastkoast make game that much better. Been going through your 2k18/17 (even 16)! Sets for realism (minus new moves) Yet to proper start the game! Ha
  10. the entrance thIng, For now... Screenshot advanced stuff if its a bother. Go into automatic entrance and edit themes etc to match, then go back to advance and re update it. Should be fine after that!
  11. Its mad. 9 pages. Last year was over 50 by now.. ha
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