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  1. I would suggest Curtis Axel & Batista
  2. Hit Point Ratio doesnt have anything to do with damage as far as I can see in testing, as the Attributes dictate the Damage the Wrestler incurs. I believe Hit Ratio is actually What body part the Wrestler will attack of their opponent. I have more testing to do, this is just my initial thoughts. which is why i asked if anyone else had tested them out.
  3. I have been Editing Attributes, Personality Traits & Skills and now I am thinking of editing Hit Point Ration. I was wondering if anyone had attempted to test them out? Any and all feedback is welcomed.
  4. I have read where there are Glitches & the Storylines get Stale for Universe Mode, so I have been thinking of Just using the Play Now, to run My Universe. What I wanted to know is are the glitches in Universe Mode a Gamebreaker or can they be worked around. Any and all feedback & details is appreciated. I am anxious to start my Universe in the Next couple weeks.
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