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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone
  2. REAL WRESTLER APPLICATION [PICTURE] Ring Name -Wade Barrett Disposition -Heel Gimmick - King Barrett Entrance Theme - Finishing Move(s) - Bull Hammer Signature Moves -Winds of Change -Top Rope Elbow - Waste Land - Big Boot - Side Walk Slam REAL WRESTLER APPLICATION Ring Name - Sheamus Disposition - Heel Gimmick - Cocky Irish Men Entrance Theme - Current Finishing Move(s) - Brouge Kick Signature Moves - Cloverleaf -Beats of the Bodhrán -White Noise -High Cross -Irish Curse REAL WRESTLER APPLICATION Ring Name - Rusev Disposition - Heel Gimmick - Bulgarian Brute Entrance Theme - Current Finishing Move(s) - The Accolade Signature Moves -Body block - Diving Head But - Savat Kick - Spinning Heel Kick - Samon Drop Can you make these guys a faction please?
  3. I tried to do this request, but the image file is saying its corrupt if you can find a new picture of her, Ill gladly do this for you. Unless Ziggy wan't to take a try at it.
  4. Did Becky get fired yesterday then? Sasha is way better then Becky
  5. HELLO AND WELCOME TO THE NEWEST GFX SHOP ON CAWS.WS, ZIGGY AND MYSELF WILL BE THE PEOPLE RUNNING THIS SHOP. RULES High Quality pics only, myself or Ziggy has the right to turn you down at anytime. If you can't provide a HQ photo we can most provide you with one for your piece We will take request in order, no skipping. Also no rushing either, we have lives outside of Caws.ws but your request will get done in a orderly and timely manner. WORK ROMAN EMPIRE ZIGGYS WORK
  6. Welcome! Thanks man, much appreciated. So far this is a pretty great board, thanks for the friendly welcome
  7. As I said there will be another guy to go with Reigns to lead the future, question is will it be Seth, Owens, Cesaro, Finn, Ambrose ? Thats what the real question is. In my mind honestly the future looks great.
  8. Agree, but sadly knowing the biased of the NFL it will most likley be Tom Brady. Brady definitely deserves it. Can has been great, and there would be no argument from me if he does win it, but Brady should get it. And how is there bias for Brady by the NFL? If anything there's a ton of bias against him. Becuase hes the poster boy of the NFL. Did you not know that? Plus count Cams TDs, Rushing and passing its astounding how good hes doing this year.
  9. Agree, but sadly knowing the biased of the NFL it will most likley be Tom Brady.
  10. I'm down with that. Agree, still think it will be a pretty good match.
  11. Real question is, yes this guy had talent, but other then that was he ever going to be anything more then a jobber?
  12. I don't like some of the direction WWE is going, but they do know whats going on, they have amazing talent, Cesaro, Rusev, Barrett, Dolph, Ambrose, guys who aren't being used to there max capability, but I watch on a weekly basis because I been a fan almost all of my life, I love the company, Im into pro wrestling, in General just not the WWE.
  13. Well I read through these last couple of pages and I seen Nas isn't in someones top 10, which to me is a joke, but I respect the opinions of everyone. Nas is the greatest story teller to ever grab a mic, eats up rhymes one word at a time. Any way here is my top 10 ever. Enjoy fellas. 1 Nas 2 Pac 3 Biggie 4 Big Pun 5 Big L 6 Rakim 7 Big Daddy Kane 8 Kool G Rap 9 KRS-One 10 EAZY E
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