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  1. Same. The cause, this *censored*ing game was not ready. 2k tried to do what took Yukes 20 years to do in just 1 year. They should have took their time with the transition with taking over with a debut on next gen. This game has been nothing but a headache for us fans.
  2. Hey I finally got around to downloading Kobashi but it just downloaded blank with no logos or textures. Did the new update fix that shit? if so could you re upload that Kobashi?
  3. Misawa and Kobashi look great man! Keep up the great work.
  4. kickyourface


    Can anyone help me with a good Face texture of EVIL from NJPW? I want to create caws that the community wants/needs that are not already on the ps4 version.
  5. No doubt you're one of the goats of the caw making community when it comes to the likeness of the wrestlers. However your body morphing needs some work. Cody had bigger arms, chest,shoulders and legs than the in game model of John Cena. Cody is not that big. When you do a body morph, you need to scale it using the in game models to get an accurate body morph. I'm not hating on your work, I love what you make every year but I'm seeing a pattern with the body morphing. I have redone the body for Cody and Austin if you're interested in seeing what I have done?
  6. Dominik is sick but after downloading it and playing with him, he's way too big compared to in game models. You need to scale him down in his size(not height). I did his body morph to what I think is pretty damn close if you're interested?
  7. Did you ever put your Kushida up? I have been off for a while and I'm looking for Kushida but I can't find a good one?
  8. This looks amazing but should his beard have more grey in it?
  9. Check your messages then get back to me, I want to show you something I have been working on.
  10. He actually wore the red attire last night at power struggle so he's right on the money with it. Nice job man.
  11. I agree, this is the first face that you didn't nail there likeness.
  12. He's the thickest 5'7 athlete I have ever seen! He has a really awkward body and it's almost imposable to re create.
  13. I love the Ishii Face but the body seems way off, too small I think.
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