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  1. Stellar match. Edge's work was superb.
  2. Why do people keep making up shit I said? lol Tell me, where I did I say any match tonight was "excellent?" I chuckled at your "only good thing on the show" comment which you then followed up in this post admitting there were a few good matches. Well, there you go.
  3. Where have I defended the booking? My point is Becky will still be well-liked by fans.
  4. We've yet to see that. It was one match.
  5. No, they're not. She'll stay over. People will still like her just fine.
  6. I'm sorry for asking for a squash, guys.
  7. I'm ready for a shooter in the women's division.
  8. Bianca's gotta turn heel now. You can't keep her babyface after that.
  9. Just do a squash. Don’t waste our time.
  10. Nope. It was another good match. Pretty well worked. Rey is great as always.
  11. Really solid match. Great match story. They’ve done a good job booking Priest in this feud.
  12. Good match. Best match AJ/Omos have had.
  13. Summerslam: Alexa Bliss Drew McIntyre Edge RK-Bro The Usos Sasha Banks Priest Lashley Roman Reigns Charlotte Takeover: Ridge Holland Kyle O’Reilly (First fall: Cole, Second fall: O’Reilly, Third fall: O’Reilly) Cameron Grimes Raquel Gonzalez Ilja Dragunov Samoa Joe ——— I chose Kyle because the babyface typically wins the big blowoff match.
  14. I’m not acting like people are going to turn on Darby past the match. That’s why I said “for that one match.”
  15. It’s not overthinking. It’s a valid question. It’s an odd choice in that it’s either going to divide the crowd or turn people against their rising babyface star for that one match.
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