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    WWE Drama

    I doubt they would gimmick him up like Kross who was already being gimmicked up in NXT. If Cole were to re-sign I can easily see him in a similar position as Kevin Owens: an upper-midcard guy who gets to be himself and gets a lot of mic time which is not a bad spot.
  2. Hang on. Both Kofi and Richochet had memorable moments with Brock at the RR last year. I know I'm being pedantic but that tweet is acting like there was 0 follow up to those feuds. And as for Nikki, what do they mean moved on from her? She's appears to be in a featured spot in the tag division now (unfortunately for Rhea, though, she's the one being screwed over). If they're referring to them moving on from her reign as champion -- well, that implies they were behind her in the first place which they never were. I'm not a fan of this sort of booking but her as champion did not necessarily make her the ace of the division. It's stupid but they never once treated her as an ace. And how can you with a gimmick like hers? It's stupid they put the belt on her in the first place with that gimmick. So complain about that, not them making the right decision to take the belt off an illegitimate champion.
  3. Nobody. It’s Vince’s cartoon creative and dumb booking ideas.
  4. Reggie is really growing on me.
  5. I thought Nia and Shayna split up…? I hope they’re not going to make Rhea and Nikki a tag team.
  6. Morrison has to drop the moist stuff if he’s going to be a babyface now.
  7. I barely know who Logan Paul is but damnit, this guy has been good in all his appearances on WWE. His delivery and facials work really well.
  8. Priest should’ve gotten the pin. Oh no, you’re Piper Niven. Don’t pull a Shorty G. *Censored*, they’re doubling down on the gladiator look for Kross. Wrong direction…
  9. ^ So dramatic. lol It’s great they’re giving Priest the rub here.
  10. “They” being WWE. “Done” being they’re not going to push her anymore. This has nothing to do with fan perception of her. My point is she will very likely continue to be pushed and featured as a top talent in the division despite what these “THE SKY IS FALLING!!!” people have to say.
  11. Some are acting like they're done with Bianca -- that she's dead and buried, which I find very hard to believe. So in the sense of waiting to see where Bianca is positioned in the fallout to all of this seems understandable to me.
  12. What a match! Absolutely outstanding! I loved that so much!
  13. Good match. The best Dakota and Raquel have been this year.
  14. Even though I wanted her to be babyface, Dakota has been delivering some really solid heel promos in this feud. Props to her.
  15. Terrific match. This was Knight/Grimes best match together.
  16. I’m hyped. NXT have done a wonderful job at building tonight’s card. They low key have had the best booking among RAW, SD, and AEW. It’s a shame some people are too busy bitching or being fearful about NXT’s future to appreciate the card they built.
  17. Lesnar as a babyface should be refreshing.
  18. WOR last week or the week before he talked about how the demo goes up when Goldberg and Cena make appearances. It usually does. It's really not far-fetched.
  19. The guy apparently pops ratings still according to Dave Meltzer... So that's what he brings. He's a draw.
  20. Man, you guys. lol Him beating Bray really warped your guys' minds. You expect him to win every match and yet since that match how much has he won?
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